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Introduction to Venmo and it’s sending and withdraw limit

Venmo is a peer-to-peer platform that makes it easy to split bills, share costs, and send money to family and friends. As you use Venmo frequently, certain limits may apply to the amount you can withdraw and send. If you are wondering how to increase Venmo limit, please continue reading to learn the steps for increasing Venmo's withdrawal and sending limits.


Why is there a sending and withdraw limit on Venmo?

It is important to know why the limits exist before extending them. Venmo and other financial platforms have implemented these limits to ensure security. This Venmo limit helps reduce the risk of money laundering, fraud, and unauthorized transactions. Venmo's community can be kept safer by limiting how much users can withdraw and send.


Understanding the current Venmo sending and withdraw limit

Venmo currently has default limits for sending and withdrawing money set up for all users. These limits may vary depending on the account verification status of your account, as well as transaction history and other factors. The limits are usually as follows:

·        Limit of $299.99 per week for unverified accounts.

·        Basic Verified Accounts: $4.999.99 Weekly rolling limit for sending & receiving

·        Limits for receiving and sending money with enhanced verified accounts: Weekly limit of $19,999.99

·        Venmo's policies may change at any time. Venmo allows you to check your limits at any time.


Strategies to increase your Venmo sending and withdraw limit

Let's now dive into strategies that will help you increase Venmo limit:

1. Verifying your identity on Venmo

Verifying your identity is one of the best ways to increase Venmo withdraw limit. To do this, follow these steps:

·        Open the Venmo App.

·        The "Menu," usually represented by three lines, can be found here.

·        Click on "Settings"

·        Follow the prompts and submit the required documents.

·        Venmo may grant you more money once your identity has been verified.


2. Increasing your Venmo activity and transaction history

Venmo rewards active users with higher limits. To maximize your transaction history:

·        Venmo can be used for various transactions, including payments to family and friends, online purchases, and bill splitting.

·        Make sure you receive and send money consistently through the app.

·        Keep a positive balance on your Venmo Account.

·        Venmo will likely grant you a higher limit as your transactions and activity increase.


3. Contacting Venmo support for limit increase

Venmo support can help if you reach a certain point and feel your account activity warrants higher limits. If you meet the criteria, they can help you increase Venmo transfer limit.


Common mistakes to avoid when trying to increase your Venmo limit

Be aware of these common mistakes when trying to increase your Venmo limit:

·        Ensure you provide accurate and current information during the identity verification.

·        Use strong passwords and enable two-factor verification to secure your account.

·        Venmo may have concerns about excessive withdrawals if you withdraw money frequently from your external bank account.


Alternatives to Venmo for higher sending and withdrawal limits

Consider exploring other payment platforms like PayPal, Square Cash, or Zelle. These may have higher limits or more customizable options.



Venmo can be a secure and convenient way to manage finances. However, its withdrawal and sending limits are sometimes restrictive. You can increase your Venmo sending limit by following the steps as mentioned in this blog. To get the most out of your Venmo, keep your account information current, be active on the platform, and contact Venmo Support when necessary.

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