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DAY 1.


What come to your mind when your friendy say I want to start a sure you say he/she is out of her mind.

How we you quit your day job and start a business. Don't you know business is Risky. 

That true. We all know it Risky for some people but not everyone. This depends on your mindsight not the eyesight.

What you feed you mind with.

*Let talk on the purpose of a business*

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer in a effective way. Profit are not the purpose of a business. Profit are the results of a skillful. That why it important to learn some Skills before you start your business. Skills like Leadership skills, Negotiation skill. And that is if your business is online. 

I hope you are following me.

*There are 3 quality of a successful entrepreneur*

1. They have courage to launch,, to step out in faith, with no guarantees of success.

2. they have the quality of optimism.  They have a positive mental attitude toward themselves and their business opportunity

3. entrepreneurs are persistent. They never give up.  As far as they are concerned, “Failure is not an option!” 

*Three Keys to a Successful Business.*

3 key to a successful business

1.  First, it is something that you have a passion for. It is a product or service that you really like and enjoy, and you want other people to experience it as well. 

Wether you are into online business or traditional business. You must be passionate about what you do.

2. A successful business is something in which you have the potential to be the best in your area. You may not be the best when you start, or at the moment, but you have the potential to be the best if you keep improving. 

3. A successful business is that you are offering a product or service that is highly   profitable. If you do become the best in your field, you will make a lot of money as a result.

See you in my next post, learn more here.

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