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Get me a book to read and I will give you all you want, for all you want is inside a book to read
January 1, 1990 FEMALE
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Purple Hibiscus
Chimamanda Adichie
Who Fears Death
Nnedi Okorafor - Mbachu
Zahrah The Wind Seeker
Nnedi Okorafor - Mbachu

“The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

Sounds confusing, but an explanation below:  For me this quote by Nietzsche is addressing true objectivity.

Think of the “man of knowledge” as a referee in a football game. They love one team and hope that team will win.

But they have to be fair.

They can’t let their “hatred” of the one team or their love of the other influence the truth of a call. In this case they must learn to ‘love their enemy” (the other team) and “hate their friends” as a metaphor for the difficulty in staying in “What is true, regardless of your relationship to either side”.

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9jaBooks, Ebook Publishers
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Former Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a plea bargain to plead guilty to tax fraud and in return get a suspended sentence of 2 years and a fine of £16.9m.

The Portuguese was accused last year by the Spanish state prosecutor on four counts of tax fraud valued at 14.7 Million Euros. The tax fraud was stipulated to be within 2011-2014 year.

The prosecutor accused the Portuguese talisman of having used shell companies outside the country to hide financial earning made from the image rights. The accusation does not include his Salary during his time at the Bernebeu. Ronaldo in a court hearing last month denied any wrongdoing when asked by the Judge.

In 2016, Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi received a suspended 21-month jail term after being found guilty of defrauding tax authorities 4.1 million Euros.

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The highest ever for a fortune 100 company, Facebook has approved the sum of $10m for the security details of their CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

The million-dollar pre-tax allowance is a jump from last year’s $7.3million allocated for home security, body guards, and private air travel.

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Hello, everyone! I'm glad to be here,and I'm looking forward to having a good time with you all.
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Esosa Kolawole, Writer
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I read the book after I finished from secondary. A very interesting read.
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Esosa Kolawole, Writer
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Hey everyone! Glad ekene shared this site with me and I'm hoping to meet a lots of people.
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Ekene Onuorah
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In a far future, post-nuclear-holocaust Africa, genocide plagues one region. The aggressors, the Nuru, have decided to follow the Great Book and exterminate the Okeke. But when the only surviving member of a slain Okeke village is brutally raped, she manages to escape, wandering farther into the desert. She gives birth to a baby girl with hair and skin the color of sand and instinctively knows that her daughter is different. She names her daughter Onyesonwu, which means Who Fears Death? in an ancient African tongue.

Reared under the tutelage of a mysterious and traditional shaman, Onyesonwu discovers her magical destiny-to end the genocide of her people. The journey to fulfill her destiny will force her to grapple with nature, tradition, history, true love, the spiritual mysteries of her culture-and eventually death itself
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