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Dorcas Favour

Motivator and Public Speaker
Dorcas is here to meet authors and learn to write her own books
December 16, 1988 FEMALE
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Dorcas Favour's Recommendations

Zahrah The Wind Seeker
Nnedi Okorafor - Mbachu
The Potter's Wheel
Chukwuemeka Ike Vincent
Harry Potter
J. K. Rowling
Jagua Nana
Cyprian Ekwensi
Oghenefega Arhueremu
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If we constantly give ourselves to reading, only God can limit how far we can go in life
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Falmata ibrahim
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Talent is one thing, persistence is everything. Writing things on my mind...Alhamdulillah
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Sadly, only a few care about writers, 

Yet many lives are testimonies of their letters.

A word can be as fragile as a bubble, 

Yet strong to lift one out of trouble. 

Many a times I'm on doomed missions,

But words help me make right decisions. 

When I can't think of what I love, 

You write about what I love.

You stir up laughter and smile. 

Your place is with stars in the sky. 

The most valuable of all skills is that of using two or more words to end one's strife.

Words are not enough to tell how your words changed my life.

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Some technologies we use today were predicted in some futuristic works of art hundred of years ago. Literature is as important as medicine and technology.
I will design a cover for your novel book. Take a look at the samples I have on my profile and chat me up.
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Often times I have had to ponder the essence of literature.  Not the words themselves but the genres in which they come. Their forms. 

Tragedy,  Comedy, Science Fiction, Satire; Are all these of benefit to the world we live in OR do they merely entertain. 

And if they merely entertain what value should we place on them. Should we glorify them as we do more honourable works.  Or keep them at a lower pedestal from those that hope to make a point, prove an idea.

How is glory earned? 

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Love is a big battle and it is hard for anyone who gets involved to leave without a gunshot or knife wound. No one ever escapes without an injury. Poems have been written but none can justify the right reasons to love.

Do you love someone because of a quality that can easily vanish into thin air? If yes, you are loving for the wrong reasons.

Any quality that can vanish takes the love with it when it goes, and you are left with another human not different fr everyone else on the street.

What then should we consider when loving? What are the right reasons to love? The answer is simple. Don't love for a reason, but find a reason not to love. If there is a reason not to love, just move on. If howerever, there is no reason not to love, love with all your heart.

The right reason to love is nothing because love is natural, but hate is borne out of reasoning. Justification of the reason is not the subject for this essay. But never ever find the right reason to love. Just find the reason not to love and if you can't find that, love with all your heart.

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