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George Thomas
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Are you planning to explore New York with your family but unaware of the places where to visit? If so, you need to stay connected with us to be aware of all incredible places to explore in the same destination. 

You may book flight tickets with any airline to explore New York. If you have purchased an American Airlines flight to the same destination and missed it due to any reason, you should check out American Airlines missed flight policy. And then try to reschedule the same flight. 

Take a glance at the following list to be familiar with the places to visit in New York. 

Central Park 

You are suggested to visit the first public park of America which is one of the most beloved urban parks in the whole world. The Central Park is enormous.There's a boathouse, a castle, a conservatory garden, and a zoo inside. 

There are lots of spaces for the kids to run around and fantastic playgrounds. It's also the ideal location to get away from the day-and-night chaos of people, cars, and honking taxis that fill the city.


Are you going to explore New York with your family or friends? Then, you would love to visit Rockefeller center. This center comprises various popular NBC programs, Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, and Jimmy Fallon, are based in this recognizable part of Manhattan.

Not to mention the fantastic Rockefeller Ice Rink, Channel Gardens, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Radio City Music Hall, and a ton of shopping and dining options!

You would love to explore the stores and take in the sights. 

Statue of Liberty 

The Statue of Liberty has been the most famous travelers-attraction for many years. It is a must to visit this place if you are planning to make a trip to New York city. These days, a lot of pricey tours are offering to take you to see Lady Liberty. However, you can save more money by taking the FREE Staten Island Ferry rather than the pricey tours.

Given that the ferry operates around the clock and passes directly in front of Lady Liberty on its way to Staten Island, this was very wise advice. To get across New York Harbor for free, just take the subway to Bowling Green or South Ferry and board the ferry.

If you are looking forward to visiting this place, we recommend booking an American Airlines new years sale to grab huge discounts. 


Certainly, a list of family-friendly activities in New York must include a visit to Times Square. Times Square, which was once an unsuitable destination for families with young children, has transformed into a haven for children and their imaginative play.

They will enjoy exploring the enormous M&M store here, where they can sample a plethora of M&M varieties and use the "Color Mood Analyzer" to determine which M&M personality they are. 

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George Thomas
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When you travel, get ready for plans to change all of a sudden. Your flight might delay because of weather disruptions or you come across any situation when your travel plans suffer. You need not worry as American Airlines will refund your ticket in such circumstances. 

So, it is good to be prepared beforehand and know about the cancellation as well as refund policy of American Airlines. Thereby, saving your dreams from going for a toss. 

Let’s begin. 

Will American Airlines Refund My Money?

Yes, AA refunds your money on flight ticket cancellation. However, you must have purchased your ticket directly from the airline to be eligible for a refund. Call the Reservations department of the airline or request your refund online.  

If you are eligible, AA processes your refund to your original payment mode within 7 days. And it reflects on your statement in 1-2 billing cycles. 

What is the American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Before proceeding with discussing more about if you can get your money back from the airline, know that American Airlines Cancellation Policy go hand in hand. Let’s begin with the cancellation policy of AA. Here are its highlights - 

  • With the airline’s 24-hour cancellation policy, you can get a full refund, irrespective of the ticket type. However make sure that you cancel your ticket which is booked within the 24 hours for a flight scheduled after at least 7 days to depart. 
  • Refundable tickets are eligible to get a full refund. 
  • After the risk-free window of 24 hours, non-refundable tickets are not eligible to get a refund.

Please note

  • If you have canceled your flight ticket before its departure, you can use the eligible fares toward a future trip with their unused value. 
  • Make sure that you use your travel funds within one year of the original ticket’s issue date. 
  • The policy is applicable to tickets that are purchased directly with American Airlines. 

How Can I Get an AA Refund?

Before moving ahead to know about claiming your refund with AA, it is good to know about American Airlines refund policy. However, here are the highlights of this policy to help you have an idea of it. 

  • The airline automatically gives you a full refund if - 
  • You cancel your tickets within the 24-hour booking window and
  • Latest by two days before your flight’s scheduled departure
  • If you don’t cancel your Basic economy tickets within 24 hours of booking, AA doesn’t give you a refund. 
  • You can get a refund even on non-refundable tickets, if -
  • AA has changed its flight schedule for over 4 hours
  • The traveler and/or the companion dies
  • Military orders affect the passenger’s travel

In any of the aforementioned cases, the airline refunds you as a travel credit. 

To know more, you can call American Airlines Español Telefono where a customer representative will assist you promptly. 

Please note

Submit your refund requests separately for seats, flight tickets, etc. 

Therefore if you do it in time with correct planning, raising a refund request and getting it is a breeze. With travel plans can undergo changes anytime, AA imparts you enough flexibility to claim your money back. You can use it to book your next flight. 

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George Thomas
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There are times when you can’t select your seats when flying. But with American Airlines, if you don’t purchase your seats while booking, or check back close to the time of the flight's departure, the airline allocates you seats as you check-in. Since AA keeps some seats till the departure day of the flights, it helps the airport staff to address the needs of travelers. 

Now, let’s see what to expect when you don’t buy a seat on an AA flight in advance. 

  • It is good to book your seats at the earliest possible. Go for American Airlines Seat Selectionfor your travel companions through the airline’s seat map. However, if you can’t find adjacent seats,try selecting seats so that one kid sits with an adult.
  • AA finds the families traveling on its flights. If all the travelers are on the same booking, the airline helps them find seats together to the best extent possible.
  • The American Airlines makes sure that families sit together. However, in case of limited seat availability, AA assigns seats in a way that children less than 15 years of age sit with at least 1 adult traveling on the same booking. 
  • A gate agent of AA will try to make families sit together if adjacent seats are available, in case a family arrives at the airport -
    • Without seats assigned or
    • With separate seats, where the kid is seated alone 
  • The airlines suggest that travelers should not partially select seats for some family members or go for scattered seats. By doing so, AA can help families sit together.
  • Adjacent seats may be unavailable, if families try to get the same at the airport ticket counter or gate. 

So, when you are making an American Airlines booking, go for seat selection if you want to ensure all the members of your group are seated with each other. Among the factors mentioned above, AA considers the bookings that include at least one 15 years old traveler or younger than this age. 

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George Thomas
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Your flight has been delayed or canceled, right? It's not just you. Following the widespread pandemonium of last summer, the frequency of cancellations and delays decreased, but air travel is still uncertain. Let’s read further to know what to do if you got a flight delayed or canceled.

When Your Flight Delays

If your flight delay occurs, the airline is not bound to give a refund unless DOT finds it significant. For example, you get American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation for a missed flight. Here’s what you should do.

Research other flights

Search for the other flights that head to that destination. Ask your agent if you can get one of them without paying anything extra. Check out what partners and other airlines are offering. Alaska, Delta, or JetBlue are the airlines that book a different carrier in case of a delayed flight. However, there is no obligation on the airline to do so.

Know about the compensation

Check with the agent or refer to the Commitments for Controllable Delays (CCD) section on the dashboard—irrespective of whether you are able to get into another flight. Many airlines offer meals, accommodations, and transportation for the round trip. 

When the Flight is Canceled

For a canceled flight, you get a full refund according to federal law. Check out how you can get compensation for a canceled flight.

Check out the App

Go to the respective airline’s app and book another flight or ask for a refund. All you have to do is enter the Booking ID. Just note that finding seats on the new flight can get difficult, and your plans might change accordingly.

Go for the Cancelation and Delay Dashboard for Compensation

Though you get a full cash refund, you can too check for other compensation like meals or overnight accommodations. Reach the DOT to check what every airline has to offer at the time of controllable cancelation.

For example, if you have made American Airlines Booking, you get meal compensation. Other airlines, such as Alaska and JetBlue, also offer accommodation of overnight.

Ask a refund

If your flight cancels, you get a refund from the respective airline under DOT’s authority. Many airlines instead offer a voucher for your future travel, which has a certain validity period. If you got a refund denied, you can file a complaint against the airline by DOT.


Don't get panic if you miss a flight you can get compensation or a refund for the same. Connect with customer support if you have any issues regarding canceled or missed flights. Happy Travels!

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George Thomas
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When it comes to planning a trip, one of the most significant factors to consider is the cost of airfare. American Airlines, a renowned carrier in the United States, offers various options to help travelers find the best deals. In this blog, we will explore two valuable tools that can assist you in securing the lowest fares. Let’s check them out:

Low Fare Calendar by AA

The American Airlines Low Fare Calendar is a powerful tool that allows travelers to search for the lowest fares across different dates. Here's how you can make the most of it:

a. Visit the American Airlines website

Start by visiting the official American Airlines website. Navigate to the flight booking section to access the Low Fare Calendar.

b. Select your origin and destination

Enter the cities or airports for your departure and arrival. Make sure to choose the flexible dates option to view the calendar.

c. Explore the Low Fare Calendar

Once you've entered your travel details, the American Airlines Low Fare Calendar will display a range of dates with the lowest fares highlighted. By being flexible with your travel dates, you can find significant savings.

d. Book your flight

After identifying the most affordable dates, select your preferred travel itinerary and proceed to book your flight directly through the website.

Student Discount by AA

If you're a student, American Airlines offers an exclusive discount that can help you save even more on your airfare. Follow these steps to take advantage of the American Airlines Student Discount:

a. Verify your student status

Visit the American Airlines website and navigate to the Student Discounts section. Follow the instructions to verify your student status using a recognized verification platform.

b. Search for discounted fares

Once your student status is verified, you can search for discounted fares specifically tailored for students. Look for the Student Discount option when performing your flight search.

c. Compare prices and book

Compare the discounted fares with the regular fares to determine the best deal. Once you've found the most affordable option, proceed to book your flight with the student discount applied.

Securing the lowest fares on American Airlines is an achievable feat if you know where to look. The Low Fare Calendar by AA and the American Airlines Student Discount are two powerful tools that can help you save money on your air travel.


By utilizing these resources and remaining flexible with your travel dates, you can find significant savings and make your dream trip a reality without breaking the bank.Remember to regularly check the American Airlines website for any updates or changes to their pricing policies or discount offerings. Happy travels and enjoy your journey with American Airlines!

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George Thomas
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American Airlines throws different discounts for senior citizens who fall 65 or above. The discounts, however, are available for selected flights. Senior citizens can book the fights with the advanced search option. Let’s read about the American Airlines Senior Citizen Policy.

What is American Airlines Senior Citizen Policy?

AA is a renowned airline that is beneficial for all ages. However, it has great discounts for senior citizens too. American Airlines has a Senior Citizen Policy for its flyers aged 65 or more to put forward different American Airlines Senior Citizen Discount and promotional fares.

Let’s go about the policy guidelines to know. Have a quick look. 

  • American Airlines don’t display the senior citizen discounts on the website. 
  • As a traveler, you can differentiate between adult flight tickets and senior citizen passenger tickets, which are 65 or above. 
  • You get no fixed discount on the booking. However, you can get a 10% off on some of the chosen routes.  
  • Under advanced search, you get the senior citizens discounts.  

How Do I Book the Flight With American Airlines?

There are three ways through which you can book with American Airlines. You can call AA customer support, go to the official website, or reach the airport kiosk directly and get the booking done.


To know more about the discounted fares offered to senior citizens, dial American Airlines Español Teléfono and talk to the representative online to proceed further with the booking on discounted fares. 

A customer care representative at the airport will help you out with the best flight with bare minimum fares. At your request, they can also book a flight for you. 


  • Go to the official website. 
  • Search for the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the senior 65+ option from the dropdown menu to book the senior citizen flight. 
  • Fill in the other details and book the flight. 

Airport Kiosk

At the kiosk, talk to one of the staff and ask for the booking of senior citizen discounted flights. All you have to do is provide the necessary details.

You can also sign up for the AARP (American Association of Retired Person program) and get exceptional perks along with low fares. AA is there for 24x7 support. If you wish to avail of the American Airlines Senior Citizen Discount with these perks and have a beautiful journey ahead, call AA support to book.

Wrap Up

Book with the American Airlines senior citizens discounts and fly at the best fares. Stay updated on social media or through the newsletter to get every now and then updates & make your next journey great! 

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