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Val Okafor

Executive Director @ The Val Okafor Company
Valentine Tobechukwu Okafor is an Effective leadership and productivity strategist, transformational speaker and social innovator. With an incredible passion to help individuals and corporations become the best version of themselves and achieve exponential results, he designs and spearheads the implementation of personal development and service excellence series for corporations, youths, adolescents and children across Nigeria and the Middle East.

Through academic symposiums organized in several primary, secondary and tertiary schools, he has helped over 2000 students improve their performance, enabling them to pass their exams in flying colors within a period of five years.

As a social innovator, Val initiated a social impact venture tagged Empower the Eaglets project to reach out to students in underserved communities in Nigeria. He also volunteers for several nongovernmental and civil society organizations whose main interest is to transform the education sector of Africa.

In order to accelerate his personal and professional development, he belongs to numerous membership associations, some of which include; Young African Leaders Initiative, African Change Makers Initiative, Grand Africa Initiative, Earthpreneurs, Headstart Africa, Platinum wellness club, Young hearts Plateau, Orphan Empowerment society, Portfolio 9, and the prestigious Fela Durotoye Leadership Network.

He is also a Nigerian youth SDGs champion, African Change Makers fellow, Commonwealth open source leader, an alumnus of the YALI regional leadership conference West Africa and a proud ambassador of the Fela Durotoye Leadership Network.

Val serves as a social impact strategist at Ben and Christy Heritage Ltd, a personal development organization that trains individuals and corporations on peak performance and service excellence. Due to his passion for inclusive education, he has been able to coordinate successful personal development series for children and adolescents in Nsukka, a semi-urban community in Enugu state Nigeria, where low-income earners make up the population.

Val Okafor exudes an unsurpassed passion for Nation Building and Human Capital Development especially for developing nations across the globe.


Facebook: Val Okafor

Instagram: Iamvalokafor

Twitter: Val okafor

WhatsApp: +2348189942482

May 24 MALE
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As a handsome and visionary young man, I wanted to marry the only beautiful daughter of a farmer.

I went to the farmer to ask for permission to marry his daughter.

The farmer looked at me and said, “I will allow you to marry my daughter but you have to fullfill one condition.”

The farmer told me the condition, “Son go out and stand out in the field. I'm  going to release three bulls one at a time and you have to grab the tail of any of the three bulls. if you can catch the tail of any one of the three bulls, then you can marry my daughter.”

Ahhh just that, I happily went to the field and stood there waiting for the bulls to be released.

The barn door opened and then came out one of the biggest bull i have ever seen.

Haaa I cannot come and kill myself ooo,  I decided to let this one go and wait for the second bull.

I went over to the other side and let the bull pass through. Again, the barn opened for the second bull. This one was bigger and even more fierce than the previous bull. This time again, I thought that may be the next one could be a better choice so i ran to the other side and let the bull pass through. This man wants to kill me ooo 

Now the door opened for the third bull. I had a big smile on my face. This was the weakest bull I've ever seen. So i positioned myself and was all set to take on the bull and grab his tail.

As the bull came running by, I jumped at the exact movement. As I  threw my hands to grab his tail, to my greatest surprise, this bull had no tail. 

Wooooooo so I've lost my chances of marrying this beautiful girl.

The farmer turned to me and said " Don't say till tomorrow to the things you can achieve today. your breakthrough was just an action away from you, but you missed it twice. I'm sorry, you can't have my daughter." Na so I take go house empty handed oo. 

How many times have you said " I'll do it tomorrow to the things you can do today"?

Six sure ways to avoid procrastination

1. Do it scared

2. Do it now

3. Do it scared

4. Do it now

5. Do it scared

6. Do it now

Remember that action is what separates dreamers from achievers.

It's another beautiful week, let's choke procrastination starting from now, today and everyday.

Val Okafor

Effective Leadership and Productivity Strategist 

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This is a must read for anyone who wants to become the best version of him or herself 
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