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This poem is based on the attitude of the government towards the the citizens. Issues that are meant to be addressed are neglected and crime is on the increase. No one knows who the real people are! 
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Maureen Onyinye Kenneth
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  Every woman deserves to respected and given what is due.  There shouldn't be any gender discrimination or unfair judgement towards their case. They should be encouraged to do more.
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The world is in trouble because the reason for the day to day activities (Humans) are threatened. Help prevent this. Fight to survive. stay safe  
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The world is in trouble, because the most important reason for day to day activities (Human) is threatened and hope is about to vanish. Help save yourself from it!
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Maureen as a poet, loves to flow with rhymes. She Loves to capture the moment with her piece, so, Love poems are not exempted. This is a focus of what love is and how it's meant to be!
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