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How To Be A Great Spouse
Kanu Silas Onwuchekwa
Chimamanda Adichie
After The Juju Man
Chinwuba Iyizoba
Yes You Can
Eric Okeke
Best Served Hot
Jimmy Arnis
Ebook Available for Free
John Emmanuella.A.
Ebook Available for Free
Jagua Nana
Cyprian Ekwensi
My Mother's Choice
Udoka Chukwu
Ebook Available for N500
A Vital Opportunity
Ogunsola Gbenga Adeboye
The Potter's Wheel
Chukwuemeka Ike Vincent
Marriage and Its Pitfalls
Patience Onyeche God'spower
Jimmy Arnis
Ebook Available for Free
Mysteries In Bamboo Village
The Jealous Woman
Udoka Chukwu
Ebook Available for N500
Stephen-Kings G
Ebook Available for N360
The King and His Two Sons
Udoka Chukwu
Ebook Available for N500

A city in China is planning to launch an ‘artificial moon’ that will light up the skies as far as 50 miles around.

The so-called illumination satellite set to deploy over the southwestern city of Chengdu in 2020 is touted to be eight times as bright as the real moon, to cast a ‘dusk-like glow’ over the region, according to the People’s Daily.

Officials have released few details on the project.


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I found this art on a WhatsApp status and thought I should share it. If you know the artist, we can give credit.
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A job scam was used to trick this woman into marrying a total stranger. Sounds funny buy she signed a marriage document thinking she was role playing and proving she could work as a wedding planner.

The woman has said she was told that she had to play the role of a bride in a simulated wedding as part of her training to be a wedding planner.

During the ceremony she and the man signed a genuine marriage document.

She only realised she was actually married after returning to Hong Kong, where she sought legal help.

Local police were unable to help due to a lack of evidence that a crime had taken place, so she approached the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU).

"It's a new form of marriage scam," Tong Kamgyiu, director of the Rights and Benefits Committee of FTU, told the BBC.

"I feel disappointed and cannot believe it's even happening in modern Hong Kong."

She remains married for now and may have to apply for a divorce. It is unclear who the man she married is, or if he entered Hong Kong after the marriage.

"The 21 year-old lady was taken advantage of while she knew nothing about the circumstances," said Mr Tong.

"Her biggest loss is to have a marriage record and it has caused her psychological damage."

Each year, Hong Kong police see an average of 1000 cross-border marriage scam cases.

Chinese residents who are married to a Hong Kong partner are able to apply to reside in the city.


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Imagine yourself out on a very hot and sunny day. You are exhausted, thirsty and sweating. You decide you need to drink cold water, need air conditioner, need to pee and even sit for a while to relax while using a WiFi to surf the internet. But you are out of cash.

There is a bank close to you. What do you do? I bet some banks might start watching out customers who are inside the banking hall not for any real transactions, but to use free facilities. 

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I saw a camera lens online that I wanted.

It was used. There were no bids.

I put in a bid at just over $425.

There were 2 hours left in the auction. An hour goes by. No bids. I'm excited. It's an amazing lens.

Suddenly. <ding>


Oh so you wanna go?!?!?!?

Me: $440

Him: $455.

Oh you think you are a baller, huh?!?!?!?

Then this escalates into a full blown bidding war. I am ignoring phone calls as I pound on keyboard.

We get to $725. He puts a bid at $730.

I then have an epiphany.

Dude. Do you really want to bid more than that for a used lens? You can buy it new for $790.

I bowed out.

There are many situations in life where we don't even realize that we are trying to “win".

The problem is that we are trying to win the wrong game.

In life, we often find that the price of winning is losing.

Sean Kernan on Quora

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Known as the Golden Bridge, it stands 1,400m above sea level above the Ba Na hills, offering majestic views of the surrounding countryside.

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9jaBooks, Ebook Publishers
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Most of the time, we spend many years learning Mhow to be a great Accountant, Engineer, Medical Doctor, Lawyer, et cetera, and yet one day, we are retired from service or retire ourselves from our business. We hardly spend one percent of that time learning how to be A Great Spouse', our most important contract until Death doth us part'. Appreciating this anomaly, Silas has written this book as an eye-opener. Being the first son of born-again Christians, he has drawn, not only from his personal experience, but has tapped from that of his parents. It is good that How To Be A Great Spouse' is not written by those of us in old school' but by a youth, who understands his fellow youths.

Silas would not have written this book if couples
understand the implication of I do' when signing the
dotted lines. His acronym on Parents, Fathers and
Mothers are apt and it is an easy-to-remember formulae
for responsibilities. Spouses, he stressed should live in
unity, dutifully and respectfully for their own good and that
of their children. It is not that couples are not doing their
utmost towards this, what is needful is becoming great, he
In this journey, personal effort will crumble overtime. This
is why the author reminds us of the need to be born-again,
which does not only guarantee a home in Heaven but also
is the anchor that holds the home.
The English is flawless and the reading is smooth. I
recommend this book without any reservation for any
single who wants to marry A Great Spouse' and for the
married who want to transform to A Great Spouse'.

Osondu Anyalechi
Past Board Chairman
Scripture Union Press and Books Ltd
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Eric Okeke
Posted 2 Months ago · 1 Likes · 1 Comments
Just published an ebook today titled, Yes You Can, but the price did not show. How do I do it....Eric Okeke
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Izu Obi
Posted 3 Months ago · 1 Likes · 0 Comments
An amazing read.  Quick, witty and with a spark of genius. Nnedi never disappoints in the epic fantasy genre
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Ekene Onuorah
Posted 2 Months ago · 3 Likes · 0 Comments

Jimmy Arni's did a very good job in the way he narrated this story, from a first person's POV. Emotions, thoughts, heart beat, and every painstaking detail about the narrator are all detailed (no pun intended). This could pass for a movie. At the point where Chief was about to be murderd, I could feel my heart beating because I thought he almost failed and that would have been disastrous, knowing what a villain chief was.

The officer who opened the door in the end is just a great way to leave us wondering a million things that could have just happened. Let's wait for a follow up if any is in progress. Great story.

I wouldn't recommended this book to anyone below the age of 18 because of the rate of f-word usage... In the past, we read stories and could use a little help from a dictionary to digest new words. For this book, you need internet connection and need to have watched a lot of contemporary movies to understand some comparisons.

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Meet Pa Celestine Egbunuche, sentenced to death and seem to be serving a life sentence in an Enugu State Prison. Enugu is a city in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Pa Celestine clocked 100 years on August 4th, 2018. He was condemned to death along with his son, Paul and another relation, now 87.

They were said to have been engaged in a fight over a piece of land and in the process, somebody died. With such fate, Pa Egbunuche has for over 17 years lived in desolation and hopelessness.

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They used 210 million cubic meters of rock, sand and limestone from 16 different quarries to create this Island.

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