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Passing the NSE 8 exams is not an easy task. You need to have extensive experience and knowledge in network security and Fortinet products. One of the best resources that can help you prepare for the NSE 8 written exam is the Fortinet NSE 8 - Written Exam NSE8_812 Exam Questions from PassQuestion. PassQuestion provides the latest and most accurate Fortinet NSE 8 - Written Exam NSE8_812 Exam Questions that are based on real exam questions and answers. By using PassQuestion Fortinet NSE 8 - Written Exam NSE8_812 Exam Questions, you can get a comprehensive understanding of the exam topics and objectives. PassQuestion Fortinet NSE 8 - Written Exam NSE8_812 Exam Questions can help you boost your confidence and improve your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

NSE 8 Fortinet Network Security Expert

The NSE 8 Fortinet Network Security Expert designation recognizes your comprehensive knowledge of network security design, configuration, and troubleshooting for complex networks. To attempt the exam, you must have industry experience. To obtain certification, you must pass both the NSE 8 written exam and the practical exam. To be eligible to sit for the practical exam you must schedule the practical exam within two years of passing the written exam. NSE 8 certification is valid for three years from the date of completion.

NSE 8 Certification Requirements

Assessment for Fortinet NSE 8 certification is composed of two parts: a written exam and a practical exam. There are no prerequisites to take the Fortinet NSE 8 written exam. However, the candidate must pass the NSE 8 written exam before they can take the Fortinet NSE 8 practical exam. The written exam
on its own is not a certification. You must pass both the written exam and practical exam to obtain NSE 8 certification.

NSE8_812 Exam Details

Name: NSE 8 - Fortinet Network Security Expert
Exam series: NSE8_812
Language: English only
Available at: Pearson VUE test centers worldwide
Cost: USD 400.00
Number of questions: 60
Time allowed to complete: 120 minutes
Scoring method: Each question must be 100% correct for credit. No partial credit is given. No deductions are made for incorrect answers.
Types of questions: Multiple choice and multiple select with exhibits
Scoring: Pass or fail

Exam Topics

Security Architecture
Secure SD-WAN
Security Solutions
Security Operations

View Online Fortinet NSE 8 - Written Exam NSE8_812 Free Questions

1. You are managing a FortiAnalyzer appliance. After an upgrade, you notice that the unit no longer displays historical logs, reports do not produce any data, and FortiView summary views are empty.
However, you notice that the unit is receiving logs on the dashboard widgets. Which step resolves this problem?
A. Execute the CLI command exec sql-local rebuild-db.
B. Execute the CLI command diag sql remove hcache.
C. Execute the CLI command exec sql-local reinsert-logs.
D. Restore the unit settings from a previous backup.
Answer: A

2. Which VPN protocol is supported by FortiGate units? (Choose two.)
D. OpenVPN
Answer: BC

3. Virtual Domains (VDOMs) allow a FortiGate administrator to do what?
A. Group two or more FortiGate units to form a single virtual device.
B. Split a physical FortiGate unit into multiple virtual devices.
C. Create multiple VLANs in a single physical interface,
D. Group multiple physical interfaces to form a single virtual interface.
Answer: B

4. Regarding tunnel-mode SSL VPN, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)
A. Split tunneling is supported.
B. It requires the installation of a VPN client.
C. It requires the use of an Internet browser.
D. It does not support traffic from third-party network applications.
E. An SSL VPN IP address is dynamically assigned to the client by the FortiGate unit.
Answer: ABE

5. You have received an issue report about users not being able to use a video conferencing application.
This application uses two UDP ports and two TCP ports to communicate with servers on the Internet. The network engineering team has confirmed there is no routing problem. You are given a copy of the FortiGate configuration.
Which three configuration objects will you inspect to ensure that no policy is blocking this traffic? (Choose three.)
A. config firewall interface-policy
B. config firewall DoS-policy
C. config firewall policy
D. config firewall multicast-policy
E. config firewall sniffer-policy
Answer: BCE

6. Your FortiGate has multiple CPUs. You want to verify the load for each CPU. Which two commands will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. get system performance status
B. diag system mpstat
C. diag system cpu stat
D. diag system top
Answer: AD

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