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Justin Martina
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Mistakes happen, and it can be distressing if you've accidentally sent money to the wrong account on Cash App. However, there are steps you can take to retrieve your funds potentially. In this article, we'll guide you on how to get refund if sent money to wrong person on Cash App. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

Act Quickly and Contact the Recipient: As soon as you realise that you've sent money to the wrong account on Cash App, reach out to the recipient immediately. Politely explain the situation and kindly request them to return the funds. While this approach depends on the recipient's willingness to cooperate, it's worth resolving the issue directly.

Request a Refund Within Cash App: If you're unable to communicate with the recipient or they're unwilling to return the funds, Cash App provides an option to request a refund within the app. Open the transaction details, navigate to the "..." menu, and select the "Refund" option. Cash App will attempt to process the refund on your behalf, but the success of the refund depends on various factors.

Contact Cash App Support: If the recipient doesn't respond or the refund option within the app doesn't work, it's crucial to reach out to Cash App support for further assistance. Explain the situation, provide transaction details, and request their intervention to help retrieve your funds. Cash App support will guide you through the necessary steps and investigate the matter.

Dispute the Transaction with Your Bank: In some cases, if the funds were sent from your linked bank account or debit card, you may have the option to dispute the transaction with your bank. Contact your bank and explain the situation, providing them with all relevant details. They will guide you through their dispute resolution process and work towards recovering the funds, if possible.


Accidentally sending money to the wrong account on Cash App can be distressing, but you can potentially take action to retrieve your funds. Act quickly by contacting the recipient and requesting a refund within the app. If these methods fail, contact Cash App support or consider disputing the transaction with your bank. While the outcome is not guaranteed, taking proactive steps increases your chances of recovering the mistakenly sent funds.

Remember, it's essential to double-check the recipient's details before sending money on Cash App to avoid such situations in the future. Prevention is always better than correction.

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