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Often times I have had to ponder the essence of literature.  Not the words themselves but the genres in which they come. Their forms. 

Tragedy,  Comedy, Science Fiction, Satire; Are all these of benefit to the world we live in OR do they merely entertain. 

And if they merely entertain what value should we place on them. Should we glorify them as we do more honourable works.  Or keep them at a lower pedestal from those that hope to make a point, prove an idea.

How is glory earned? 

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Some technologies we use today were predicted in some futuristic works of art hundred of years ago. Literature is as important as medicine and technology.
I am not disputing that all I am merely saying is that. Literature from time immemorial has been used to instigate revolutions and change political discuss but what pervades in the literary circle today is literature strip of those duties.  So I am saying do will hold them in high esteem as we hold those that serve their social duties

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