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Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud - To Pay £16.9m as fine and Serve 2 years in jail

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Former Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a plea bargain to plead guilty to tax fraud and in return get a suspended sentence of 2 years and a fine of £16.9m.

The Portuguese was accused last year by the Spanish state prosecutor on four counts of tax fraud valued at 14.7 Million Euros. The tax fraud was stipulated to be within 2011-2014 year.

The prosecutor accused the Portuguese talisman of having used shell companies outside the country to hide financial earning made from the image rights. The accusation does not include his Salary during his time at the Bernebeu. Ronaldo in a court hearing last month denied any wrongdoing when asked by the Judge.

In 2016, Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi received a suspended 21-month jail term after being found guilty of defrauding tax authorities 4.1 million Euros.

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