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How to Submit A Book

Updated Jul 30 2018 08:07 pm

You can submit any book on 9jabooks. It is simple. But you can only sell books that you have written yourself or have rights to distribute online. We accept PDF, Word Document, Mp3 audio or text versions.

Visit if you are not already here.

Create an account or login if you already have one. Locate the book submission link or click here

Type in the book title, book author and click continue.

In the next section, Upload book cover photo (if you don't have one, you will find link to contact someone that can get you a book cover at the bottom of this page), select genres (genres are book categories like fiction, history etc.), add description/synopsis of the book, and select if you want to make book pubic (i.e published) or not (i.e draft and not ready yet).

At this stage, a book is ready to be released on our platform if you make it public and click the Save button. Published books can be reviewed as well as discovered by visitors, but the book is not being sold on our platform for people to buy yet. But if you have the rights to sell, then continue reading.

If you are on a computer, there will be a sidebar with Ebook Upload & Pricing tab. On a mobile, you have to click on the More Options Menu to find this. Click on it and you are brought to a page where you can add an ebook for people to read for free or pay a certain amount to read.

If you have PDF, Microsoft Word, MP3 Audio or even a video, you can easily upload it at once. You can also have a photo selection that you can upload. You can also type the text in a text field provided. You can have up to 200 chapters in the text field. You can open up more text fields by clicking on the Add More Sections.

Next is to set a price. If no price is set, the book is assumed to be free. Now, you need to check a button to let us know that you are ready to release this ebook to the public. If you do this, you should also make sure you have published this book in the previous section Basic Details. You can locate this section by clicking on the More Options link if you are using a mobile device, or looking for Basic Details from the sidebar if you are on a computer.

When all these options are set and saved, your book should be ready to go on sale, after our review. To find books you have submitted, simply your profile photo which is our menu tab, then locate My Books. You can click on the edit link to continue editing.

Personal information about buys your book will not be revealed, but sales are accounted for, live, and you can always see funds that you have acquired through book sales. Please see our FAQ for more on how authors are paid. Authors earn 80% royalty and are paid when their sales reach a threshold of N5,000. They can be paid via Bank, Bitcoin or Paypal.

Are you in need of a book cover design? We have arranged professionals that can easily do that for you at a relatively affordable price of N1,000 per cover. You can contact Dorophics here after checking his works on this link. Whatsapp phone 08147705267 

We will also compile a list of editors that can help those in need of editing.

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