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FAQ for Readers and Book Buyers (How to Buy A Book)

Updated Apr 21 2020 12:04 pm

Here are some of the questions book readers or buyers might have.

Can I read books for free?

Some authors list their books for free, and those books can always be read for free. To discover free ebooks, just click on the search icon, select books and other types, select free ebooks and click on the GO button. Any book with free ebooks will be shown.

What device do I need to read books?

Our live readable pages ensures you can read the books from any device that can access our platform, including our apps. But some authors can decide to list audio books, video recordings, photos, PDF documents or Word documents. Your device must be able to read those formats for you to read them. Therefore, make sure you understand what you are buying or getting. The details of the ebook is always shown before you can add the ebook to your cart if for sale.

Do I get access to the book for life?

As long as any book remains listed on our platform, you can always get access to it for life when you purchase it, even when the price changes. If the author decides to remove it or make changes, which is usually rare, you will no longer get access to it. A way to make sure you get access to it for life is to download the document and save to your device. Once saved, any content can be accessed from your device even when the author makes changes.

How do I make payment?

We have several payment methods and are adding more to the list. Simply add books to your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. When you are about to checkout, select the payment option most convenient for you. You can use Mastercard/Visa card,  Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer for those in Nigeria and Account Payment if you have funds in your account.

When you use Paystack, we add a fee of N100 to cover card processing fees.

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