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FAQ for Authors and Book Sellers

Updated Jul 25 2018 04:07 pm

If you are an author and you wish to sell your books through our platform, here are most of the questions you might have, answered for you!

How do I submit my book?

Just click on Submit New Book, add details of the book. If you have ebook available and you have rights to sell it or distribute for free, go ahead and locate the Ebook upload tab from more options or by the right sidebar.

Upload PDF, Word Document, Audio file, Video, Photos or just raw text and submit.

How do I get paid?

When someone purchases your book, the purchase will appear in your sales report but the fund only gets to your account after 7 days. You get paid when you reach a certain threshold and request to withdraw your funds. Our current threshold for withdrawal is N5,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.  You can withdraw through a Nigerian bank account, Bitcoin Wallet Address or Paypal email. You can also use your funds to shop for books.

What if I wish to share my books for free?

You can share books for free when you set the price at zero.

How much do I get per sale?

You get 80% of the sales revenue. We keep 20%.

Can I withdraw my book at anytime?

Yes, you can decide to remove your book from being sold at anytime. But you cannot remove reviews and other information submitted by others.

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