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Gainful Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Personalization Exam dumps

Crack4sure carefully Salesforce Exam produces these Marketing-Cloud-Personalization dumps with the assistance of IT experts. We have quality assurance for these dumps. The IT experts that we hire ensure to create of such dumps that will definitely lead you to success. Moreover, by using these Salesforce exam dumps you will realize that they include all the necessary and key points that the exam demands for. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about skipping an important point because our dumps got you covered. Moreover, these dumps are easily accessible and even easier to use. Thus, we give you the simplest yet perfect Marketing-Cloud-Personalization study dumps.

Secondly, by the use of these Salesforce exam, you will be covering the whole syllabus thoroughly. They will ensure that by studying them you will be covering the syllabus in detail and leaving nothing out. Therefore, using our testing engines will guarantee great preparation and an even greater test result. Moreover, these dumps also consist of questions relating to the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam. These Salesforce questions can be used to practice and to get an idea of the exam. Thus, we are claiming to provide you with the most useful, helpful, and easy-to-use Marketing-Cloud-Personalization dumps.

Assistive Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Personalization dumps testing engines

Crack4sure manages to build these perfect testing engines with the help of the IT specialists that we hire. These testing engines will give you the simulated experience of the Salesforce actual exam. They will replicate the environment of the Salesforce exam which will help you get familiar with the Marketing-Cloud-Personalization exam and its environment. Moreover, our Marketing-Cloud-Personalization testing engines offer endless practicing materials which will ensure great success. We offer questions, full-length mock tests, modes, and much more. Therefore, by using these testing engines huge success is guaranteed. Thus, getting our testing engines will lead you to easily pass and score in your test.

Moreover, by using these testing engines you will have access to a variety of questions like multiple-choice, drag-drop questions, and simulation questions. Utilizing these questions, you will be able to learn in an efficient way. They will ensure that you are practicing all the variety of questions that will appear in the Marketing-Cloud-Personalization exam. Therefore, by purchasing our Marketing-Cloud-Personalization testing engines you will be on the way to massive success in your exam. Moreover, their use of them will ensure practice using materials, unlike others. Therefore, the purchase of our Marketing-Cloud-Personalization testing engines will guarantee incredible test results.

Lastly, these testing engines will allow you to operate under two modes that will furthermore help you perfect your practice. The first mode will help you practice using different practice tests and questions. Hence, the first mode is the practice mode. This mode will 100% ensure great preparation and results for your salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization exam. Moreover, the second mode is the testing mode. This mode will furthermore test you on the preparation you will do. Therefore, by using our Marketing-Cloud-Personalization testing engines you will be preparing to ace your way through the exam. Hence, using our testing engines will enable you to pass on the first attempt with staggering test scores.

Rewarding Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Personalization PDFs

Crack4sure manages to compile the most practical Marketing-Cloud-Personalization PDFs. These PDFs contain important information related to the Marketing-Cloud-Personalization exam. They offer questions and answers that we predict will appear in the real Marketing-Cloud-Personalization exam. Therefore, we are providing you with vital information for you to ace your

salesforce certification:

Marketing-Cloud-Personalization exam. Moreover, by using these PDFs you will be ensuring great preparation and will learn all the key things that your exam demands. They will help you prepare for your exam in the best way and will help you make sure you are well-prepared. Therefore, we guarantee that you will score incredible test scores using these PDFs. Hence, by purchasing these you will ace your way through.

Salesforce Certification Exam Helpful client service

We ensure to deliver the most assistive study materials out there. We deliver the most useful study materials. By using our study materials, you will lead to ace your exam in the easiest way. Moreover, we hire the top IT specialists to create these study materials for you. Therefore, we are delivering you the most credible and high-quality Salesforce exam study materials. They will ensure great test scores and easy passing. Hence, resulting in great overall test results too!

Moreover, we make sure to prioritize your wants and demands. We ensure to cater to all your queries and questions. Therefore, we are ensuring to deliver to you top-class customer service and highly credible study materials. We make sure to hire the top IT experts that will ensure the quality and credibility of the study materials. Therefore, by purchasing our Marketing Cloud Personalization study materials you will be ensuring fantastic preparation. Furthermore, they will also guarantee great test results that will be made easier to achieve by the use of our Marketing-Cloud-Personalization study materials. 

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Surely you're asking whether +1(909) 610-3890 Does cash app direct deposit early. The Cash App does not pay two days early. What financial institution does Cash App use for direct deposits? This article might assist you figure out if your money is arriving early through the Cash App if you're having trouble getting paid. Find out by reading on! We sincerely hope you've located the solutions you were seeking! Tell us in the comments section below!

What bank does direct deposit with the Cash App?

You're in luck if you use the Sutton bank Cash app for direct deposit because you may set it up to take place up to two days before the employer deposits the money. Your first deposit can take a little longer than typical, depending on the employer, but you can anticipate getting your money as soon as the following working day. Once it has been finished, you can even examine your direct deposit form.

The degree of security is the first factor to take into account when choosing a bank for your direct deposit. Convenience is one reason why picking the best bank for your company is crucial. Additionally, it need to be capable of processing your transaction fast and safely. To make this feasible, Cash App collaborates with Sutton Bank and the Lincoln Savings Bank. To provide their consumers with the best service and protection possible, these institutions collaborate.

How long does it take for a Cash App direct deposit?

Occasionally, you could encounter a Cash App Direct Deposit Delay. Numerous things, such as temporary or expired payment cards or a lack of funds in your bank account, can contribute to this. Contact Cash App support if you've had this experience, and they'll try to fix the problem for you. As an alternative, you can get in touch with your employer and request that they provide you the money.

Direct transfers made using Cash App typically take 1 to 5 business days to reach your account. On the day you select for the deposit, your direct deposit is normally received at 5 p.m., but some payroll providers send money to Cash App a day or two beforehand. You decide when Cash App direct deposit will arrive, although you may anticipate it to do so around the same time as your first check.

Does the Cash App pay 2 days early?

Using the Cash App is one technique to prevent receiving your salary early. With the help of this app, businesses can accept direct deposits, which can save the time and cost of payroll. The Cash App Direct Deposit 2 Days Early. There are, nevertheless, some hazards. The app may occasionally deplete your account of funds. For further information, get in touch with customer service. Other typical explanations for why your cash app might not pay you promptly are listed below:

Payroll processing is done by Cash App two banking days before payday. This indicates that you should see your money by 5 p.m. the day before. However, compared to a standard Cash App Direct Deposit, your deposit will come significantly sooner.

Usually, it shows up two to four hours before to the planned day. As a result, you can get to your money more quickly than with a standard direct deposit.

If you have trouble waiting for your paycheck to clear through your bank, the Cash App might be your best bet.

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Yes, you can activate your Cash App card before it arrives+1(909) 610-3890 Activating your card before it arrives will allow you to start using it as soon as it is delivered. You must have the Cash App installed on your smartphone to activate your Cash App card. Once the app is installed, please open and log in to your account. You should see an option to activate your card on the home screen or in the app's menu.

When you select the option for Cash App card activation, you will be prompted to enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. These can be found on the sticker on the front of your card. Once you have entered this information, you must verify your identity. This can be done by taking a photo of your ID, such as a driver's license or passport, or by providing a copy of your ID.

After verifying your identity, your card will be activated and ready to use. You can use your card for purchases as soon as it is delivered. It's important to note that you will not be able to use the card until it arrives and is activated. It's also worth mentioning that activating your card before it arrives will help you avoid delays caused by mail and delivery services.

How to activate a Cash App card without a card?

It is impossible to activate a Cash App card without a physical card. The activation process requires the card number, expiration date, and CVV code located on the card itself. These details verify your identity and ensure that the person activating the card is the rightful owner.

If you have lost or misplaced your Cash App card, you need to contact Cash App support to request a replacement card. Once you receive the new card, you can then activate it using the process described above.

• To contact Cash App support, you can do the following:

• Open the Cash App on your smartphone and log in to your account.

• Tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

• Select the "Cash Support" option.

• Select the "Something Else" option.

• Select "Lost or Stolen Card"

• You will be prompted to provide details about your account and the lost or stolen card. Once you submit the request, Cash App will process it and send you a new card.

• It's worth mentioning that, If you haven't received your card within 10 business days, please reach out to the Cash Support team again.

Why I am unable to activate my Cash App card?

There could be several reasons you are unable to activate a Cash App card. Some of the most common reasons include the following:

• Incorrect Information: If you enter the wrong card number, expiration date, or CVV code, the activation process will fail. Double-check the information on the card to ensure that it is correct.

• Unverified Identity: To activate a Cash App card, you must verify your identity. This can be done by taking a photo of your ID, such as a driver's license or passport, or by providing a copy of your ID. If your identity has not been verified, you will not be able to activate your card.

• Inactive Account: If your Cash App account is inactive or has been locked, you will not be able to activate your card. Contact Cash App support to resolve any issues with your account.

• Card not supported: Cash App card is supported only in certain regions and states; if you try to activate the card from unsupported regions, it will not work.

• Incorrect App Version: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Cash App installed on your smartphone. If you are using an older app version, it may not have the necessary features to activate your card.

• Limited account: Cash App account may have been limited; if that is the case, you will not be able to activate your card or perform any action until the limitation is resolved.

• If you can still not activate your Cash App card, contact Cash App support for assistance. They will be able to help you identify the problem and provide a solution.

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In recent years, advancements in technology and emphasis on precision medicine have recently paved the path for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) based digital pathology techniques for quantitative and qualitative assessment of samples. 

Specifically, the process of AI-based digital pathology allows scanning of slides via computer monitors, by replacing the conventional microscopic approaches. Further, by converting glass slides to images, samples can be transmitted from diagnostic centers to pathologists within a fraction of time. Considering the rising popularity and demand for such solutions in the healthcare and research industry, and the ongoing efforts of AI-powered digital pathology solution providers / AI pathology solution providers to further improve / expand their respective portfolios, we believe that the AI-based digital pathology market /  AI Pathology Market is likely to evolve at a steady pace, till 2035.  

To request a sample copy / brochure of this report, please visit this


The steps involved in the usual workflow of AI-based digital pathology process.


§  Preparation of Tissue Sample: This process is very similar to the conventional approach. A pathologist examines a biopsy to determine its color, size and consistency. At this point, the specialist can detect symptoms of malignancy and select which areas of a specimen should be inspected under the microscope. Further, the chosen region is prepared by following multi-step processes, such as treatment of the tissue with chemicals in order to maintain its structure, mounting the specimen on a glass slide, staining to improve contrast and protecting the tissue with coverslips.


§  Converting into Virtual Sample / Whole slide imaging (WSI): WSI or virtual microscopy is a technique that is used to enable digital pathology. Its central component, which is a WSI scanner, captures a picture of the glass slide and generates a precise electronic replica known as a virtual slide. It is worth noting that virtual slides, unlike glass slides, are easy to replicate, save, categorize and distribute. Furthermore, they may be linked to electronic health records, thereby, providing a complete picture of a patient's health.


§  Saving a Virtual Slide: The scanner pre-processes the virtual slide automatically and stores it to on-premises or cloud storage. In order to minimize the file size, a compression approach is frequently employed before saving the slide.


§  Viewing and Editing of Slide: In the digital process, instead of using a traditional microscope, a pathologist uses a computer display to analyze enlarged tissue samples. A slide viewing and management software is used to zoom out a tissue segment and observe its smallest features. In addition, this software allows the pathologist to view the slide from different angles, add annotations and even compare multiple images at one time.


§  Sharing Data: Using specialized digital pathology software applications, slides are converted to an electronic format, thereby, allowing them to be exchanged using the internet. These slides can be shared to gain a second opinion, as well as with patients, research facilities and other stakeholders.


§  Reporting Results: Some image viewing systems provide reporting capabilities. However, this work is often accomplished by enabling interaction with the laboratory information or laboratory information management system (LIS/LIMS) and hospital information system (HIS).


The digital revolution of pathology is projected to accelerate in the coming years, considering multiple growth drivers, including growing number of laboratories adopting high throughput digital scanning and software technologies to assist diagnostic practice. In addition, factors, including shortage of skilled pathologists in remote areas, increasing pathology workloads due to ageing populations, higher rate of cancer screening programs, rising complexity of pathology testing and time constraints, and requirement for pathology labs to outsource expertise in the field, also contributes significantly towards the need for AI-based digital pathology solutions.


For additional details, please visit or email


You may also be interested in the following titles:

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2.      4D Bioprinting Market : Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2022-2035



About Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis is a global leader in the pharma / biotech market research. Having worked with over 750 clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, academia, venture capitalists and strategic investors for more than a decade, we offer a highly analytical / data-driven perspective to a network of over 450,000 senior industry stakeholders looking for credible market insights.



Ben Johnson

+1 (415) 800 3415



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Graphic designing is one of the most actionable and techy things. However, which is number 1 in the country, if you command a business or a company or commenced a trademark or if we do hypothetically you possess a high-league apparel brand. You can not contradict the factuality that you quietly want and need graphic design agencies for your brand.

You retain to accept the fact that if you want to raise and evolve in your whatsoever assiduity , to make your product design, make your website stand out, or serve some marketing crusade. You always need a graphic developer, which is the most obligatory thing.

Most brands and people prefer graphic design agencies over a freelancer or single graphic contrivers. There are a lot of pros and cons between this two paraphernalia. First things first devotedness, we’re not objectifying the way of work or commitments of a single visual designer or a freelancer it's just if you hire a graphic design agency, also you have a kind of engagement with the company and they commit their work and the workers will legitimately work intensely to make your work extraordinary.

We shortlist some authentic and satisfactory graphic design agencies, who'll help you to achieve your pretensions, can produce whatever you require, and support you to sell your products briskly with their eye-catching designs.

Here is a list of some marvelous graphic design agencies:

1.     Zera Creative

2.     Boundless Technologies

3.     4Slash

4.     Exhibit Creating Value

5.     Webtrica


1.  Zera Creative

Zera Creative is a main graphic design agency that specializes in SEO, web development and create a logo design in Pakistan. Zera creative takes your enterprise from scratch, builds its identification from the base, and turns it into a super brand for your customers.

Zera is a crew of thinkers, action-takers, and change-makers. They aren’t bringing a mainstream revolution, however, instead, they are inflicting disruption withinside the IT and virtual world. Their innovative thinkers who've whole know-how of the way Digital Marketing is converting across the world, and they adapt them to their customers as quickly as they can.

There isn't any denying that Zera creative is a pleasant graphic design service in Pakistan. With a natural 5.0 rating, perhaps the next digital marketing leading agency and at the tip of the iceberg the pleasant search engine optimization provider.

Some exceptional services provided by Zera;

·        Graphic Design

·        Website Development

·        Social Media Services

·        Digital Marketing

·        Domain & Hosting

·        Copywriting & Content Writing

·        Company Profile Design

·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Content Strategy & Calendar

·        Web Security and QA

2.  Boundless Technologies

Boundless technologies had been hooked up in 2002 and when you consider its inception, they've finished duties with complete zeal. They have a presence in all essential cities. They can entertain you Worldwide with unique gifts for Pakistan. Their lengthy listing of happy clients made them live to tell the tale until now. The listing of portals designed and operated via way of means of them is big and ever-increasing. They desire and welcome their customers to present them a hazard to make a booming enterprise listing powered by their offerings over the internet.

They have a multi-proficient crew that could give you glistening and exceedingly modern answers for their consumer websites. Their philosophy is simple: “assist their clients to reap their desires and make them the leading enterprise, and much more likely to be sufficient to manage their competitors”. Boundless Technology owns a score of 4.6 accompanied by 103 opinions on Google.

3.  4Slash 

4Slash is located in Karachi and its staff includes modern and innovative designers, who have the understanding to provide real, professional trademarks that excellent replicate the brand identification and the photo inside the market. When there's a demand to tailor the layout as consistent with the website, the designers enthusiastically paint to assimilate the excellent techniques, new technology, and first-rate ideas, generating specific and appealing designs.

Striking emblem designs are created with the whole photograph and the perceptions, and as consistent with the desired sedation themes, for compelling the goal audience. Through up-to-date designing methods, they provide emblem layout offerings that talk about the aimed messaging reflecting the enterprise photo, its offerings, and values. They pleasure themselves as an innovative virtual enterprise as a way to help corporations to reap quantifiable consequences in all the worrying areas.

With a score of 4.7 and a total of 26 critiques on Google, emblem designers can compete with others. They additionally have a few specialties such as:

·        Abstract Logo

·        Illustrations

·        2D Logo Design

·        Mascot Logo/ template

·        Animated Logo



4.  Exhibit Creating Value


The exhibit is an innovative layout studio that gives offerings in each print and photograph design performed with class. They use the layout as a method to interpret their purchaser logo as imaginative and prescient. They have reveled in it all. From layout to execution, every new task provides the possibility to push limits creatively and technically.

With the assistance of their skilled and professional staff, they exceed their client's vision and make it into reality. The exhibit has depicted first-rate competencies of artwork via way of means of making plans and projection of ideas, with the revel in visible and textual. They constantly give you something awesome and out of the box. Holding a score of 4.9, the exhibit is one of the top-rating graphic design agencies in Pakistan.

5.  Webtrica


For the ultimate 6 Years, Webtrica try to gain one of the maximum standings withinside the internet network as a main Web Development and Design, Application Development, Software Development, and search engine optimization Company. With a panel of professional specialists, Webtrica shines in supplying the niche of IT enjoyed coupled with passion, creativity, and the capacity to assume outside the container to force any business to gain height in online performance.

They are right here that will help you alter and modify your business and boom your backside line. The company is proud to have a few particularly skilled specialists committed to supplying general internet answers under one roof. Webtrica affords quit-to-quit internet commercial enterprise answers in Pakistan and throughout the Globe. Their goal is to offer their consumers extra traffic, extra leads, and extra commercial enterprise. Webtrica offers its customers an aspect over the competition with the aid of supplying them with a sustainable online aggressive advantage.



In this post, we referred to the top 5 graphic design agencies in Pakistan who will assist you to keep a lively engagement with their customer and target market and help them to increase their business and get known.

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John, a recent college graduate, is feeling lost and alone in the city of Gurgaon. He has no friends and no job prospects, and he’s struggling to make ends meet. With his depleted financial resources, he’s looking for a cheap way to fill his time and ease his loneliness.

One day while walking around, he spots a flyer advertising “escorts services in Gurgaon.” Curiosity piqued and desperate for companionship, he calls the number on the flyer.

The person on the other end of the line introduce themselves as a representative from a Gurgaon escort agency offering services ranging from dinner dates to romantic weekend getaways at affordable prices. John is hesitant but decides to take them up on their offer and schedules an appointment for dinner.

Perfect Gurgaon Call Girls Service with Cheap Rates

Need to have a good time in Gurgaon? Then you're in luck! Eros Escorts Delhi has the perfect Gurgaon Call Girls Service with affordable rates to make your evening memorable.

We understand your need for companionship, and that's why our Gurgaon Call Girls are trained with the necessary skills to match your expectations and offer you an unforgettable time.

Pleasure awaits! Come join us now and experience ultimate pleasure at cheap rates with Eros Escorts Delhi.

loved and desire special treatment by Gurgaon Call girls

Gurgaon Call girls are the perfect choice for those seeking a special and desired treatment. These women offer an exclusive experience that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied. With their beauty, charm, intelligence and elegance, they are sure to make every moment with them count.

Escorts in Gurgaon are the perfect companions for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening or just some quality time, these ladies can provide you with everything that you need. They understand your needs and desires and will go out of their way to ensure that your time together is nothing short of amazing. Gurgaon Escorts offer an experience unlike any other - one that will leave you feeling loved and desired in every way possible.

You have come to the right place. Gurgaon is home to some of the best escort services in India. With a wide range of services, you are sure to find an escort that fits your needs and desires. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or an unforgettable night, Gurgaon escorts can provide you with the perfect experience. From call girls to elite models, there is something for everyone in Gurgaon. For more information, visit us: -

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eplacement of the screen (matrix) of MSI laptops. Mechanical stress, manufacturing defects, overheating, make this part quite vulnerable. The matrix cannot be repaired. In exceptional cases, if the backlight is out of order, repair is advisable. In the rest, a replacement is needed.

We will do the work within half an hour. The most difficult cases will take an hour. Our warranty is three months.

There are original types of matrices of the highest quality - LCD monitors, which cannot be faked. The production of LCDs is a complex and time-consuming process, which makes them virtually indestructible.

MSI laptop motherboard repair. We will diagnose and repair the motherboard, including those filled with liquid.

Replacing the graphics card of MSI equipment. If in the process of work artifacts appear on the screen or the image has completely disappeared, the video card is out of order. Cooling system clogged due to overheating. We will replace the part, but keep in mind that the cooling system is cleaned at least once a year. Our company is ready to provide this service and clean your laptop from dirt and dust.msi service center dubai

MSI device connector replacement / repair. This element is distinguished by high wear rate, since it has a significant load. If, when the cable is moved, the device turns off, the charge occurs only in the strictly set position of the plug or does not go at all, contacting the service department is inevitable. It will take from one hour to two days to fix the connector. 

Repair of the device body and replacement of individual parts. If the buttons are stuck, the hinges are loose, the case is cracked as a result of a fall or impact, we will replace the broken parts or carry out restoration work.

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BUY138 Daftar Situs Judi Agen BUY138 Deposit Dana 5000 Ribu

BUY138 adalah situs judi slot paling gacor yang memiliki banyak permainan slot gacor 138 hari ini dari berbagai provider slot online. Situs judi online resmi ini juga memiliki beberapa jenis game judi online yang tidak kalah seru dengan permainan slot online. Dengan rating kemenangan yang tinggi slot online ini menjadi salah satu situs judi slot online sangat di tunggu dan di minati oleh banyak player di Indonesia.

Agen buy138 juga menggunakan semua metode deposit agar para pemain mudah dalah melakukan deposit slot, agar kamu lebih mudah dalam bermain slot online maka dari itu player BUY138 akan di permudah dengan cara deposit slot yang lengkap. Berikut daftar metode deposit yang bisa kamu lakukan di situs judi online resmi buy138 :

  1. Deposit Slot Bank
  2. Deposit Slot Dana
  3. Deposit Slot OVO
  4. Deposit Slot Gopay
  5. Deposit Slot LinkAja
  6. Deposit Slot Pulsa

BUY138 selain itu juga menerapkan minimal deposit slot Dana 5 ribu saja dengan begitu kamu bisa bermain dan memenangkan permainan slot online hanya dengan modal kecil dan mendapatkan jutaan rupiah dari bermain slot online agen KAMI slot gacor 138. Kamu juga bisa melakukan deposit pulsa 5000 tanpa ada potongan karena kami memiliki promo deposit pulsa yang bisa kamu check di menu promosi.



Agen Slot Paling Gacor Deposit DANA 5000 Ribu Tanpa Potongan

Slot Dana 5 ribu adalah salah satu kesenangan para player slot online karena pemain akan bisa bermain tanpa meggunakan modal yang banyak, apalagi jika di tambah dengan promo new member slot di depan yang bisa di dapatkan di situs judi online BUY138. Agen slot online ini juga menerapkan bebreapa sistem deposit slot online seperti deposit slot pulsa 5k tanpa potongan yang bisa di lakuakn kapan saja dan dimana saja.

Deposit slot pulsa 5 ribu Telkomsel, XL, dan Indosat bisa kamu lakukan disini sehingga kamu dengan mudah melakukan deposit dari mana saja dan kapan saja tidak perlu keluar rumah hanya dengan smarphone android kamu bisa bermain slot online sepuasnya dan memenangkan jackpot slot terbesar.

Deposit slot pulsa tanpa potongan sangat banyak di minati oleh para member slot online yang bermain di BUY138, maka dari itu kamu di ijinkan untuk deposit slot pulsa 5000 ribu atau juga bisa melakukan deposit slot Linkaja atau deposit slot OVO.

Daftar 14 Agen Slot Online Deposit Slot via Pulsa dan DANA 5 ribu Terpercaya

Situs judi slot online BUY138 adalah situs judi berlisensi dan sudah resmi yang di akui oleh PAGCOR pusat dari judi online di ASIA. Sehingga kamu aman bermain di sini karena berapapun penarikan uang kamu akan di proses dengan cepat oleh operator BUY138. Agen buy138 adalah agen slot terbaik yang ada di Indonesia selain memiliki permainan slot slot paling gacor dengan winrate tertinggi juga memiliki provider slot online yang terbaik. Berikut daftar slot online terbaik dan terpercaya 2021 dan 2022 :

  1. Pragmatic Play
  2. Habanero
  3. PG Soft
  4. Joker123
  5. ION Slot
  6. Spadegaming
  7. Slot88
  8. YGGDrasil
  9. Playtech
  10. CQ9
  11. Astro Tech
  12. One Touch
  13. Gamatron
  14. Play'n Go

Kamu bisa bermain semua game slot online diatas dengan cara deposit slot pulsa 5000 ribu tanpa potongan atau deposit slot via Dana receh. BUY138 memiliki banyak provider slot online terbaik dan terpercaya yang bisa kamu mainkan kapan saja kamu inginkan.

Cara Deposit Slot via Pulsa 5000 ribu Tanpa Potongan dan Mudah

Deposit slot online pulsa sangatlah mudah kamu tidak perlu internet atau yang lainnya hanya dengan cara mengirim sms atau mengikuti prosedurnya kamu akan bisa melakukan transfer pulsa dengan mudah. Deposit slot pulsa di buy138 sangatlah mudah, selain itu juga kamu bisa deposit di agen buy138 dengan cara deposit slot Dana 5000 ribu tanpa potongan terbaik dan terpercaya 2022.

Jadi tidak perlu bingung untuk deposi slot online via pulsa dan Dana di BUY138 karena sangatlah mudah semuanya tidak ada potongan sehingga kamu tidka perlu khawatir dengan modal yang kamu miliki tetap penuh. Promo deposit slot pulsa tanpa potongan setiap hari dan bisa kamu lakukan kapan saja kamu inginkan seperti itu juga dengan deposit slot Dana 5000 ribu slot receh.

Jika kamu sudah paham cara untuk melakukan deposit slot Dana 5000 dan pulsa tanpa potongan kamu bisa mencoba untuk daftar Id slot gacor terpercaya buy138. Agen BUY138 memudahkan kamu untuk bermain judi slot online tanpa hambatan ataupun gangguan apapun.

Bonus Slot New Member di Depan di Situs Judi Online BUY138 Terbaru 2022

Selain bisa melakukan deposit slot DANA 5000 ribu kamu juga bisa mendapatkan bonus slot new member di depan ketika kamu sudah mendaftarkan ID kamu di buy138 terpercaya. Untuk mendapatkan bonus slot new member sangatlah mudah. Hal yang harus kamu lakukan jika sudah mendaftar adalah deposit mesin slot via pulsa atau Dana bisa juga deposit slot OVO dan Bank yang kamu inginkan.

Akan ada menu deposit dan pengisian form deposit slot online gacor jika kamu sudah login slot ke dalam situs agen BUY138. Bonus slot adalah hal yang sangat membantu kamu dalam bermain slot online karena kamu akan menerima penambahan modal bermain slot. Klaim bonus slot sangat mudah dan menyenangkan jika sudah melakukan pendaftarkan dan memiliki ID slot online di BUY138.

Daftar 10 Game Slot Paling Gacor Hari ini Winrate RTP Tertinggi 2021-2022

Pragmatic Play adalah salah satu game slot gacor yang sangat banyak di minati oleh para player slot online agen buy138 yang saat ini sedang naik daun. Banyak permainan dari pragmatic yang sagat gacor sehingga kmau bisa memenangkan maxwin slot gacor terbesar yang pernah ada. Berikut daftar game slot gacor dengan winrate tertinggi hari ini :

Slot Gacor Gates of Olympus

Bermain game slot olympus sangatlah mudah kamu tidak perlu melakukan apapun selain menekan satu atau dua tombol yang ada karena game slot online ini sangat lah mudah dimainkan melalui deposit slot receh Dana 5000 ribu tanpa potongan.

Judi Online Slot Sweet Bonanza

Situs judi Rtp slot online pastinya ada permainan sweet bonanza karena permainan ini tidak kalah banyak peminatnya sebab winrate permainan ini di BUY138 sangat tinggi dan memiliki peluang menang yang tinggi pula. Kamu bisa mencoba jika kamu sudah melakukan daftar melalui link alternatif BUY138 dan deposit slot DANA terpercaya.

Slot Dana 5000 Starlight Princess

JIka kamu tahu selama ini lambang slot gacor adalah 777 maka untuk yang ini starlight princess memiliki banyak gambar jackpot slot online yang berbeda-beda. Dan juga permainan ini sangatlah gacor dan terpercaya maxwin sensasional di situs agen BUY138.

Deposit Slot Pulsa Koi Gate

Bermain slot online via pulsa tanpa potongan adalah hal yang seru dan menyenangkan apalagi bermain di game Koi gate dimana permainan ini bisa mendapatkan banyak scatter dalam sekali putaran tergantung dengan keberuntungan yang kamu miliki dan juga perkalian yang sangat besar jika kamu mendapatkan gerbang Koi Gate atau ikan masnya.

Situs Slot Gacor Aztec Gems

Salah satu game slot gacor terbaik dan terpercaya adalah Aztec Gems bisa kamu coba mainkan di situs judi online resmi BUY138. Karena agen buy138 memiliki banyak permainan slot gacor selain Aztec, kamu juga bisa memainkan permainan slot gacor hari ini jackpot terbesar lainnya.

Game Slot gacor Joker

Bermain slot gacor deposit slot via OVO juga bisa kamu lakukan ketika bermain judi online slot Joker yang dimana peminat permainan ini tidak kalah banyak dengan pragmatic. Banyak permainan yang bisa dimainkan dengan sistem deposit slot pulsa dan slot Dana terbaik.

Dewa Slot88 Online

Judi online dewa slot 88 menjadi salah satu permainan yang sangat di minati oleh para pemain slot, Dewaslot juga menjadi game slot gacor yang memiliki winrate tertinggi saat ini. Banyak game slot gacor hari ini yang bisa kamu mainkan selain dewa slot. di situs judi online BUY138 ada ratusan jenis game slot online yang gacor dan mudah menang jackpot.

Slot Online Gacor Mahjong Ways

Bermain slot deposit Dana sangatlah mudah dan murah, karena deposi slot Dana 5 ribu di BUY138 bisa kamu lakukan tanpa ada potongan jadi kamu bisa fokus dalam permainan kamu tanpa harus melakukan deposit besar untuk bermain slot online BUY138.

Deposit Slot Pulsa 5000 Fruit party

buy138 merupakan salah satu game slot gacor via pulsa tanpa potongan yang memiliki banyak pemain slot di seluruh Indonesia. Selain itu bermain dewa slot online juga bisa mendapatkan bonus slot di depan dengan mudah hanya deposit slot 5000 via Dana saja.

Bonus New Member Spartan King

Berbeda dengan Mpo slot online buy138 sangat mudah dimainkan dan menang jackpot terbesar yang bisa kamu dapatkan dengan modal deposit slot Dana 5 ribu saja sudah bisa menang puluhan juta rupiah dari bermain spartan king.

Berikut 10 Jenis Slot Paling Gacor Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya no 1

Jika kamu mencari game slot online terbaik dan terpercaya saat ini kamu bisa menemukan bahwa BUY138 adalah salah satu game slot online paling gacor hari ini. Dengan minimal deposit slot terkecil kamu sudah bisa bermain game slot online apapun yang ada di sini. Selain itu kamu juga bisa deposit slot online via pulsa dan juga deposit slot Dana tanpa potongan sama sekali sehingga itu akan menguntungkanmu. Berikut 10 jenis judi slot online terbaik dan terpercaya :

  1. Judi slot online BUY138
  2. Game slot online buy138 Terpercaya
  3. Rekomendasi slot online agen buy138
  4. Link alternatif Agen buy138
  5. Link login agen BUY138
  6. Deposit slot Dana BUY138
  7. Deposit slot 5000 via DAna BUY138
  8. Agen buy138 terbaik dan terpercaya
  9. Jam gacor slot online buy138
  10. Info nama nama slot online buy138

Dengan begitu kamu tidak akan pusing lagi untuk memilih situs judi slot online terbaik dan terpercaya seperti agen buy138 deposit pulsa 5000 tanpa potongan. Dapatkan bonus slot new member hanya dengan mendaftarkan di situs buy138 dengan mudah.

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Cash App is one of the most popular online payment gateways. Millions of users use Cash App to transfer money to each other. Sometimes, however, Cash App payments fail. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why your cash app transfer failed  might have failed.

1. What are the reasons behind Payment failed on Cash App?

So, what might be the reasons behind your Cash App payment not going through?

The first issue you should look into when dealing with this situation is if your payment account balance is too low.

If it is, Cash App might notice this and that can lead to your payment having not gone through.

That said, you should make sure that the money you are sending out is for a real payment.

Also, other valid methods of payment you utilize, such as bank transfers or direct withdrawal, can cause issues, too. Things such as bank times, fees, and similar issues are also possible.

The next thing to check is the access code, which is similar to your user ID on the BlackBerry Messenger platform.

You need to make sure it has not changed, it is not expired, and it is not temporally restricted.

This is needed to verify that you are who you say you are, but you also need to make sure that if it has changed, you need to change your access code.

2. How to fix Payment failed issues on Cash App?

Payment failures happen more often when there are errors within your transaction’s configuration.

Bad characters in the account number, bad initials, wrong credit card verification or Debtor name, etc.

Below are some tips you can take to avoid payment failures:

• Entirely confirm all information (account number, verification code, and phone number) before you finalize the payment.

• Remove all extra spaces, replacing them with one space only.

• Avoid using special characters and numbers.

• Do not truncate numbers, and include a zip code before the credit card verification code.

• Have your ID handy when making a payment.

3. Why does the cash app keep saying failed?

You can successfully complete Cash App payment online and pay your friend. Sometimes, however, the payment is unsuccessful. Here we will explore 5 possible reasons why such a transaction may fail.

51% Failed documentation

42% processing failure

12% Insufficient funds

9% Your friend took too long to approve.

4.How to fix a transfer failed on a Cash App?

Some reasons why Cash App payments often fail include:

You didn't hit the green button or type in your amount correctly.

You're using a different payment terminal than you usually do.

You accidentally hit submit with two fast fingers or accidentally backspaced when trying to type in the amount.

Your bank might have activated its fraud filter and captured the transactions.

5. How to get a refund if my cash app transfer failed?

Sometimes, the reason for Cash App transfer failures is simply because you have not uploaded your bank routing and account details. If you are asked to reenter your bank or routing details, this can usually be done within a few minutes to 10 minutes.

But, we can't always control this.

For example, if your account was compromised or if its not - we can't always know if your account makes up your balance before being completed.

If you are aware of any other specific issues that could have caused your bank failure, such as internal server issues or immediate bank account closures, please message us at or WhatsApp Support.

Cash App Payments are handled by howisango, not us; everyone has their own distinct issue in their bad or limits - that's why we have worked with howisango to create the refund guide below. Good luck, we hope you have a successful Cash App, stop by the help center to learn more about cross-checks and entered your verification code.

6. How to prevent the “cash app transfer failed” issue?

Cash App is one of the most popular online payment gateways. Millions of users use Cash App to transfer money to each other.

Sometimes, however, Cash App payments fail.

How to prevent the issues is the top Craigslist question that confirmed itself as the most popular question starting all the way upward—from our referral sources and also direct user questions we received!

In order to enable you to avoid these issues, I havecrafted this article to help you find out more regarding the reasons why the Cash App payment succeeds and fails and strategies to prevent these errors.

7. How to cancel a cash app payment?

Cash App payments can fail for a wide variety of reasons.

As of now, there is no way of deleting those payments manually. The only way to cancel the payment really is by using the deposit method.

Let’s always remember that the Community Support does not have connection with the Cash App Payments. They will or will not process the request as they see it. When a bank statement with a debit occurs, you can easily figure out how to settle the payment through it, but most likely it requires money alone.


Getting ‘failed’ cash app payments is no small matter: the app sends reminders via e-mail to its users, and stops you from signing up for new Debit Cards with the app. It does so because the Apple app store reviews would be under a lighter scrutiny (due to an earlier, small-time kiddie getting caught) You often don’t even realize you’re doing something ‘wrong.’ First, let’s see why your app got a negative review.


How to fix a transfer failed on Cash App and How to fix Cash App Payment Failed?

It may seem that Cash App is frustrating — list prices are high and many services don't really have...

What are The Reasons why you cannot send money on the cash app?

Things that might cause a problem and some solutions to the problem: 1- Visa restrictions. If you are currently locked out, this probably means that your card is temporarily blocked. See if you can redeem it yourself “Internal reasons” for why the transfer has failed. Read more about the “UNKNOWN” error message. 2- Payment being sent to the wrong bank account. If it is sent to the wrong account, cancel the transfer and transfer to an account which you have permission over. Sometimes the wrong account shows as a preferred one on the inputs field on the PIN. Try the account with the number present, and if you still can’t do it, go to the safety tab after canceling and try again. 3- Your card is expired.

Why does the cash app keeps saying failed?

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What are the reasons behind Cash App Payment failed?

Payments made on Cash App do not require bank account, credit card or any other kind of funds to be deposited, as the app only requires users to transfer money from their phone.

How to handle Cash App payment failure issue and what to do when cash app payment fails?

In the struggle to use CashApp (YC S17B, 5M users & declined 3M late attempts), I repeatedly had problems connecting to my mobile wallet (not through a website, as CashApp erroneously claims). The most frustrating one was when it had happened...

How to fix a failed transfer on a cash app?

A transfer may fail due to insufficient funds. However, this may be temporary, especially if the error has been picked up from the banking system. Whether the pending payment will be successful, depends on numerous factors. What you should do next?

Why didn’t you receive the amount of money sent on the cash app? ---

Sorry, on-time payments tend to fail for a variety of reasons.... But... A transaction will be considered eligible if all the required required action items are executed.... It is very frustrating to have to send a new payment because something wasn't a success.... In some cases, a transaction might fail due to network dynamics.... For others, it may not make sense based on the code....

If you've ever tried to make a payment with your credit card using the V Card app and it failed, you're not alone. In this article, we'll explain why your payment might have failed, and how to fix it.

Making a payment with your credit card using the V Card app can be a convenient way to pay for things, but sometimes it can fail. There are a few different reasons why your payment might have failed, but don't worry - we'll help you fix it.

The most common reason for a payment to fail is that there's not enough money in your account to cover the cost of the purchase. When you make a payment with your credit card, the app will first check to see if you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of the purchase.

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If you're experiencing problems with the Cash App, you're not alone. A large number of users are reporting that the app is crashing on their iPhone.

cash app not opening on iPhone is a that allows users to transfer money to one another. It's a convenient way to handle transactions, but if the app is having problems, it can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue. In this article, we'll walk you through some troubleshooting steps that may help.

1. cash app not opening on iphone

Sometimes the Cash app may appear as a red circle on the iPhone. If it does, you can go to your apps in the Updates section and click update. This can bring up a box that asks if you want to do a major update & it will update to version 3.

Run the app in the background to see if the issue still persists. If the Cash App is working fine, try uninstalling, deleting, reinstalling, restarting or updating the device.

2. Others used to use the Nearby feature..


2. cash app won't open on iphone

Its amazing how quickly things can go wrong. One of your apple device's problems might be with the iPhone OS running on your device. This can be corrected by updating your phone to the newest software.Learn How to cash app won't open on iphone

Open the iPhone AppStore, tap Apple > Updates. Tap the Check for Updates button. When you're prompted to confirm, tap Install. Restart the device to complete installation.

3. cash app not working on iphone

It's critical to keep your personal information — more than just a username — secure.

Cash app encrypts your money transfers and deposits so that only you (and people who have your permission) can access that data. This is kept private and separated from anything that comes after it in a data plan.

If you're using Cash App for your business, you'll have visibility into the money that gets paid for your app before sending it.

So you get a proper and timely explanation for anything that might go wrong.

4. why won't cash app open on my iphone

Starting in 2019, you will be charged for using the iPhones’ digital wallet, otherwise known as Apple Pay. The Cash app is one of the first applications to be included. Some have said that the new fees may have something to do with why their money falls through when responding to a transfer from their bank online.

In recent glitch, the Cash app lost user notifications and phone calls, only resuming after users rebooted their phones.

Read More :- cash app bank name

5. cash app wont open

Some users are reporting that it takes a few attempts before the cash app will open.

This makes it difficult if you only have a phone to work with.

The app crashes every other day so if you're having a lot of problems, these steps may help.

Write down your user ID and phone number on a piece of paper.

Log in phone settings by tapping on 'Settings.'

Scroll down and tap on 'Contacts.'

Select 'Print by Mail app.'

Tap on 'Add.'

You'll see your user ID and phone number on the list of contacts.

Tap on the 'Print by Mail app' button.

In Settings, select 'Print.'

Tap 'Add Contact.'

Replace your ID and number with the information from the piece of paper.

Tap the 'Find' button.

Look for the card application and tap on it.

Hold down on this new app and look for a bar that says, 'Replace current with new card'.

Tap on this once you see it.

Your cash will now be available in your Quick Lists app. Go back to the Phone screen and you should see cash at the bottom of the screen.

The app will open from now on.


Conclusion It appears that phone apps are becoming a big part of the daily tasks for millions of iPhone users. You may find some of them helpful, but then again, when your phone apps loses its functionalities, it could get quite annoying because the task of running some iPhone apps such as Photos / Notes became quite tedious. When this odd feeling occurs in you, read the tips to look for ways to maximize iPhone phone functions. 1. Photos Information such as photos on your iPhone are quite an important aspect of boosting your efficiency. If you feel that


What can you do with Cash App?

What can you do with Cash App? 1- Become an Apple Developer 2- Invest in the Forex currency 3- Earn bonuses, prizes, and rebates from every one of the transactions you make

What to do if you lost your Cash App

Cash App? Apple lockdown is causing it’s users to lose access to their bank accounts all over the world.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a web app that enables both users to receive money in the form of proceeds. Before using the app, its owner set up on incur on the site. Though us

Cash App Charges

If you are an Ola mode rider then it is really Ola app. We often assume smartphones and TVs might be the only digital products we own. However, both of these are different and well when the phone is not working then, instead of suddenly not putting it out of order, it starts tracking. It works as a financial system and motorbike tracker.

Cash App Security

Are you concerned when you didn’t receive the money in your bank account? There’s a reason why knowing your Cash app notice. We’d like to help you clarify the notice, in terms of your Cash app in iPhone. Keep reading this WhatsApp page and you’ll see that your Cash app has a new message which informs you that it can’t scan your device.

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This article's primary goal is a quick discussion of Mumbai Escorts' daily lives. The major goal of writing this post is to inform readers about how to change their lives for success. Everyone on earth, as we are all aware, aspires to success, but they are unaware of the precise procedures that would help them get there.

The majority of us desire the lifestyle of a model since they are alluring and appealing. Additionally, there is a perception among the general public that models live opulent lives and make large sums of money with little effort. All of these myths are disproved if we speak honestly since models put in the same amount of effort as everyone else. Since the girls with the ideal body are in short supply, escorts are more in demand.

Independent Escort in Mumbai

In the modelling profession, the lives of Mumbai Escorts Girls seem pitiful because they work long shifts or the entire day for meagre wages or just receive payment for lunch. This case demonstrates that modelling agencies simply care about getting their work done and have no regard for the wellbeing of the models. Since the modelling agencies need new faces at regular intervals, this business employs a large number of people. The modelling industry also views Mumbai Escorts, who are 26 years old, as being too old, which is one of the key reasons why it needs new talent. Due to its shortcomings, modelling work is viewed as being unreliable, unpredictable, and insecure.

Mumbai Escorts who work in the modelling profession are required to keep zero size figures, which causes their bodies to lack the appropriate nutrients. The models must overcome numerous obstacles in order to receive the correct medical care because this work does not give health-related treatment, or you might say health insurance. They only become well-known and famous for a brief period of time before being replaced by new faces. Additionally, a number of odd and bizarre incidents involving Mumbai Escorts and sexual tiredness occur. In this industry, there is always competition amongst models. The model only achieves recognition and notoriety for a brief amount of time before being replaced by another. If they gain even a single kilo, they may also receive insults regarding their appearance. Female modelling is just ludicrous, in my opinion.

Escort Service in Mumbai

Shoes are a natural obsession for girls, and Mumbai Escort Services are no different. With the appropriate footwear, they prefer to glam up their appearance. The glamour and lifestyle industries are also aware of the escort business. And the women who work in this industry are renowned for establishing their own trends and sense of style and for making the fashion industry revolve around them. They like paying attention to every single detail, whether it be their attire, hair, or accessories. The same is true for the shoes. They also take great care to choose the appropriate pair of shoes for each occasion. Hire them to observe how they elegantly distinguish their fashion trends with shoes if you want to witness these stylish ladies in their complete form.

The ladies from the Mumbai escort services prefer to point out every feature of style while they are escorting you to any function. They are aware that glam shoes are required for gatherings in order to complete their ensemble. In order to arrive with you in style, they choose wedges and high heels. In addition to their captivating appearance and attitude, you will be astounded by their footwear selection. These girls enjoy updating their outfit with each style of shoe that is sold today. This is why it's crucial to let the agency know in advance if you're planning to hire escorts for a holiday.

Mumbai Escort Agency

It's fun to plan and travel with an escort, but much more enjoyable is watching them dress specially for you. The Call Girls in Mumbai are skilled in impressing and gratifying their customers to the maximum. Along with the gowns, they will also bring shoes that match the holiday's vibe to ensure they look their best while on vacation. from comfortable flip flops to casual footwear like Converse. They have a charisma about them that makes them appear lovely and adorable in anything they wear, including shoes.

Sometimes you find yourself hiring an escort for a professional function you'll be attending. It should go without saying that you want to make a good impression by having an escort with you. And these wonderful ladies are well aware of that. They will dress appropriately and wear formal shoes because it is a business function to make sure you do not feel embarrassed. Your happiness is the most important thing to them, thus they won't do anything to ruin your reputation or their job.

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Android Mod free
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The most played battle royale game on Android is Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day. Garena free fire – booyah day mod apk torrent is the original and most popular PUBG mobile clone. On the island, where 49 other players will be present, all combat usually takes place. Select the ideal landing area. After jumping out of a plane, you must search for equipment, which may include both firearms and body armor. You must be the only person left on the island to win!

The community of gamers around the world judged this to be a “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds version for the phone,” although it is certain that Free Fire cannot be compared to the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the survival game of Garena (111dots Studio) still gives the players the unexpected experience.

Support for both Android and iOS platforms, Free Fire brings players the most entertaining moments in the most gun battles. Here, the wisdom, skill, strength and especially human survival instinct will be pushed up to the highest limits. Want to be a hunter or want to be a weak prey in this survival war?

The battle for survival has begun

“Shoot or be shot, killed or killed.” Always remember this immutable rule when entering the game Garena Free Fire. Like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you will find matches using any matching system with up to 29 other players in the game. Shortly thereafter, all the players will be given onto an island by helicopter, where this is your battlefield. You are free to choose your own dropping point. After every 40 seconds of regular preparation, each match in Free Fire will last between 12 and 15 minutes.

Quickly pick up weapons, ammunition, and many useful items scattered across the island early enough to be ready to face any enemy. With gravity-driven gameplay, a Free Fire game ends when and only when the only last man on the map is standing. Therefore, the essential thing for the player is to hone the skills of shooting, moving, and hiding in the most artistic way.

Garena Free Fire

If you have the idea that you just go and wait for 29 players left on the map themselves to shoot each other then you are wrong. After each time, the free-fire radius of the map will be reduced, so sooner or later you will have to encounter other players. The best way to play this game is to train your skills, think strategically, and become the ultimate survivor.

Garena Free Fire possesses a fascinating open combat system, in addition to preparing for gun battles, players are free to explore the vast island that is portrayed in such a way as to be true to every detail. Maps in Free Fire are divided into several airports, camps, warehouses, chemical zones, …

In addition to the survival mode has become familiar, then Garena Free Fire also gives players the mode to play attractively. Making friends with the community around the world. Fight together, “crush” the enemy to be able to defeat all opponents to climb to the top of the glory.

Varied equipment system

Free Fire’s weapons system is extremely diverse with guns that have become so familiar to shooters like M4A1, rifles like AKM, M16A4, Scar-Light, etc. Gunslingers like AWM, Kar98k, … and not to mention heavy shotguns like S1897, S686, .. and countless other guns for players to choose.

Dozens of accessories, accessories will help your character become much stronger. Equipment such as bundles, helmets, and armor sets will give you increased levels of the defense. In particular, transportation will help you get to the places you want quickly. However, be careful because using transportation will help other players easily identify your location.

In free fire mod apk, you can get the best mobile survival experience with simple controls and slick graphics, which will help you go down in history.

In addition, Free Fire allows players to customize the character. For VIP outfits, you have to spend money to own or can use Lulubox to active MOD Free Skins in the game.

3D Graphics

Free Fire owns the awesome 3D graphics that bring out the best possible experience for the player. Maps, characters, weapons, and combat effects move that makes this game even more realistic than ever. In addition, breakthrough light technology and modern game shader technology make you feel like you are lost on this bomb island.

The graphics of Garena free fire heroes arise are astounding and incredibly lifelike. Players now have improved control tools, which you may tailor to your preferences. Buildings, grassy areas, and trees provide ample cover, and killing other players also helps a lot. In the game, there are numerous vehicles, weapons, and other resources that can help you survive. You need to gather weapons, medical kits, and other supplies after you descend into combat. Vehicles are offered so you may swiftly get to the safe zone while still exploring the map.

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riloj dasiel
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If you have any issues while booking a flight to Cebu Pacific, do not worry. Cebu Pacific has a great team of experts and professionals who are always there to assist you 24/7. You can contact the Cebu pacific team through various modes of communication. Besides, you can directly call the Cebu Pacific hotline number for immediate help. In this article, we will discuss multiple contact options in detail; let's proceed with the phone call first.

Let's check out how to contact Cebu pacific agent over the phone.

To connect with Cebu pacific hotline, go to the support page of the airline first.

You need to click on the 'talk to us' link at the bottom right

The new page includes various contact information; go to the call center hotline

From there, please choose the desired number and dial it on the mobile

Let the call connect first and opt for the preferred service language

Follow the IVR, and you need to keep choosing the options from the phone menu

Say, talk to a live agent and then wait on the phone

In a few minutes, when the live agent comes online, you can share your issues one by one

Other contact options to get through to the Cebu Pacific representative

Connecting the airline over the phone is a pretty convenient and straightforward way. However, there are times when the waiting period is too long. In case that happens, you can always look for the alternate contact option mentioned below.

Chat support

It's another quickest way to contact Cebu Pacific representatives. You can access the chat option on the support page to get a prompt reply to the commonly asked question.

Email support

You can opt for the email option if you need to share feedback, complaints, etc. To share email, open the online feedback form, and you can fill in all the details. Once done, submit the form; the Cebu team will review it and get back to you with the best answer soon.

Social Media

If you have booking-related concerns or need general assistance, you can connect with the airline on its Facebook or Twitter account. You can share a direct message or Tag airline on your posts to get the best support.

So by going through the information above, hopefully, you understood how to connect via Cebu pacific hotline numbers and other contact options. For further assistance or issues, please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.
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Three Male Writers Selected for 2022 Ebedi International Writers Residency

The Ebedi International Writers Residency, Iseyin, has received three new male writers for the June residency program.

The three writers, Izunna Okafor, Isaiah Adepoju, and Hassan, arrived the Residency, in Iseyin, Oyo State early this week for a month-long residency stay, replacing the immediate-past fellows, who were all female.

Hosting the new writers to a reception party, alongside other stakeholders from the Iseyin community; the founder and patron of Ebedi International Writers Residency Hon. Dr. Wale Okediran explained that the Residency affords writers comfortable and calm environment to focus on their writing without distraction and also at no cost on the writers.

Hon. Okediran, a former House of Reps member and current Secretary-General of Pan-African Writers Association (PAWA), said while concentrating on their individual works the writers are expected to also interact with selected students of some secondary schools in Iseyin town for about four hours weekly, during which they can teach the students any form of creative arts or writing, as they so desire.

He also revealed that since its inception 12 years ago, the Ebedi Writers Residency has hosted over three hundred writers from different countries of the world.

Below are short biographies of the three new writers for the May 30 — June 30 2022 residency program:

Izunna Okafor

Izunna Okafor is a Nigerian novelist, poet, journalist, essayist, and Igbo language activist who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. He writes perfectly in Igbo and English languages, and has published widely in both languages, including some books — Ikem's Adventure, The Curse of a Widow, The Faithful Children, Ajọ Enyi, among others.

A Public Adminstration graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka; Okafor's works have appeared in some print magazines, anthologies, journals, etc, both nationally and internationally; while he also has thousands of online published articles/essays, poems and short stories to his credit. He has also edited and co-edited over 25 books and anthologies (published nationally and internationally), as well as served as judge in some national and international literary contests.

Okafor has won and been nominated for some national and international awards which include: Nigerian Writers Award/Indigenous Writer of the Year 2015/2016; Pita Nwana Prize for Igbo Literature, 2015; Nigeria Heritage Icon Award/Young Writer of the Year, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2016; Nigerian Writers Award/Young Writer of the Year 2015/2016; N.Y.S.C. Essay Competition, 2012; SLAM Hero Youth International Award/Innovative Youth of the Year 2016; First Prize Winner, NAPAS Essay Competition, 2016; The Future Award Africa, 2016; Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award/Youth Writer of the Year 2016; Award of Academic Excellence from National Association of Public Administration Students, 2016; Inspire Award/Outstanding Youth in Academics, 2017.

Others include: NAPAS Academic Icon of the Year, 2017; Anambra Campus Award/Campus Writer of the Year, 2017; Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award/Outstanding Youth of the Year, 2017; Starlett Entertainment Award/Creative Writer of the Year, 2016; Young Author Award, 2018; Creative Crew Africa/Young Talent of the Year, 2018; Campus Best Writer of the Year, 2018; Campus Best Journalist of the Year, 2018; Young Achievers Award/Best Young Writer of the Year 2019; National Light Newspaper Jounalist of the Year, 2019; Anambra Media Excellence Award/News Reporter of the Year, 2019; Anambra Through a Lens/Recognition Award, 2020; Amazon Publishing Masterclass Award/Most Resilient Male Student, 2021; Anambra Media Excellence Award/Best News Reporter of the Year, 2021; ACORA/Awka Diocese/Media Personality of the Week (November), 2021; among others.

He is a Fellow of the SprinNG Literary Movement/SprinNG Advancement Fellowship, 2020, and alumnus of some creative writing workshops, including the Naija Haiku Poetry Workshop, 2020, among others

In April, 2020, Okafor was appointed the Project Coordinator, Writers Against COVID-19 Movement. He also headed the editorial team of the first international anthology of poems and essays ever published on COVID-19 — Ripostes of Locked Down Voices. He also edited ‘The Malady and the Remedy’, an international essay anthology on human rights abuse in Africa.

A literary organizer, Okafor is the Coordinator of Society of Young Nigeria Writers (Anambra State Chapter), National Secretary of Society of Young Nigeria Writers, as well as the organizer of the Chinua Achebe Literary Festival (an annual international literary festival held in honour of Nigerian literary icon, Prof. Chinua Achebe). He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinua Achebe Poetry/Essay Anthology.

Okafor said during his stay at the Ebedi Residency, he would be working on an Igbo novel and three others books, and would also be teaching the Ebedi students Igbo language, creative writing, poetry and others.

Isaiah Adepoju

Isaiah Adepoju, who hails from Osun State, studies Literature in English at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He writes for Literature Voices Journal, Nigeria; reads for Adroit Journal, UK, and reads for the James Currey Prize for Literature, UK.

He has works in Aster Lit mag, Sterling Notes, Poetica Review, Institute of African Studies Journal Nsukka, and elsewhere. He's the recipient of the 2022 HIASFEST Star Prize, the 2021 Chima Ugokwe Prize for Essay, the 2021 Pengician Chapbook Prize for Poetry; and longlisted for the 2020 Africa Writers Award.

Isaiah said he'll be working on a fiction, and teaching the students poetry during his 4-week stay.

Hassan Muhammad:

Hassan Muhammad is a children’s author, short story writer, and poet. He has a degree in Estate Management from the Federal University of Technology, Minna where he co-founded the Arts Club. He was a two-term Secretary and Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Niger State chapter. An active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), he’s the recipient of multiple scholarships including Highlights Foundation, Authors Publish, SCBWI and GrubStreet. His children’s books are Biribiri Saves Us (2008) and The Empty Cage (2015) which was shortlisted for the ANA/Lantern Prize. 

His works have appeared in ANA Review, Kalahari Review, Authors Publish Magazine, The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, Weekly Trust Newspaper, New Nigerian Newspaper, and the anthologies: Pyramids, Fireflies, Shadows and Dance Steps at Dawn. Other credits include NYSC Merit Award, Northern Nigeria Writers’ Summit Merit Award, Corpers’ Welfare Association Billiri Merit Award, and shortlist for the ANA/Funtime Prize. 

He is an alumnus of British Council’s Writing Workshop, ANA/Atiku Abubakar National Workshop on Children’s Literature, The Writing Barn’s Poetry Class, among others. He enjoys reading picture books, chess, comedy, and combat sports for inspiration and leisure. He writes as NmaHassan Muhammad and resides in Minna.

He will be completing the revision of three children’s manuscripts which were workshopped recently during the GrubStreet’s Picture Book Revision course with Holly Thompson. He dedicates these stories and the residency to the memory of his son Abdullateef Hamood who died in a tragic fire accident on November 3, 2021.

To give back to the host community, he will be facilitating workshops on the craft and business of writing children’s books for the students in Iseyin community. In addition, he would love to form a chess club for the students in the community.

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One can manifest, celebrate or even reciprocate love throughout the 365 days in a year, but it is always nice to do something extraordinary to specially celebrate his or her inamorato on such a special day as the Valentine’s Day, marked globally on 14th February every year. 

Again, buying/giving items like ice cream, chocolates, flowers, jewelries, clothes and other kinds of gifts on such a special Day is also good; however, written words appear to be more special, enduring and memorable than them all.

It is in agreement with the above, that a group of fervent bards, 23 in number, decided to wear this year's Valentine's Day a colourful and poetic garb. This they did, by weaving and sequentially donating some stanzas and lines of carefully crafted words under a single title of “LOVE NWANTỊNTỊ”, in response to an online ‘Call for Stanzas’.

Compiled and edited by Izunna Okafor, this Special Valentine Poetry Collection, also known as World's Longest Love Poem was started in 2019, and is currently in its fourth edition this year, 2022.

It is the collation and editing of these beautiful lines and stanzas from these dexterous writers that gave birth to this masterpiece, ‘Love Nwantịntị’, in which they also explore the theme of a true and mellifluous love, vis-a-vis the Valentine's Day.

They write:


Stronger than real men

Uncountable as women

Is my true love for you

Love too blue to construe

Love nwantịntị

Deeply rooted beneath the earth

And watered from above the earth

With strands full of fun

Enabling it survive the sun

Love nwantịntị.

Greater than mere words

Truer than any thought

Is your love for me

Love nwantịntị

Nothing can describe this.

Embracing my flaws, and fills

These pores with such bliss

As a freshly breathed mint

Love nwantịntị

Let this be everlasting.

The sky strides red -

Red is a color of love -

Of the sun, setting on

the rivers, I met your love

Love nwantinti

Your love— web tangled with a needle, 

to mend my heart and soul.

This is the love song you yearn to hear.

I will sing it to you

As long as our love lasts

I pray no intruder will alert

To me our bond is beyond death.

If not for anything at least 

i have chiselled your name

at the walls of my heart

eternity with inks of red roses.

Beyond death is the bond 

Only love nwantịntị brings

To them that love simply

Innocently, selflessly,

And those that abhor rituals

Cultism, gangsterism 

And evil means to impress!

Write me love notes, 

Give me flowers laced with love 

And you're my Val



I was shivering

Holding the debris of my heart

When you watered my soul.

You came to me

A lonely, thirsty soul 

When my nerves dried of sun

The memories of our love

Is such a book I'll never cease to write

Even in the absence of my soul

The memories of 

Our challenges are like a rod

In a pillar

Straight as a ruler

Our union a miracle

Our love a model

Our understanding a dream

Our growth a circle that evolves freshness

At first, I was an old boy

Kissing the heart of nights.

But you dawned on me

Like the sun of a dream.

Let's metamorphose

Into the greenness of eternity.

Together, we will mushroom

Love nwantịntị

Let's transmute union while,

gulping the liquor as my companion, spying the future in oneness.

It tingles me like ice on a bare body

To my void sing the lyrics of passion let the wall of my heart echo.

Your thoughts and the desire for your endearment 

powered my weakened legs 

to seek solace in a safe haven

where you and I can muse together in the cuddling ecstasy of ravenous joy.

Let's go riding on the crest of joy

Once more this mo(o)nday

See again the fishlets of love

Swim within the pool of heart.

Dear, the earth is ours

And its fullness is your face

When smile x-rays as moonglow

Firm-flesh supple your skin in my palms

The world is ours alone to own.

The thought of you reinvigorates my heart

Sending shivers down my spine

Your mammary gland as succulent as a ripe pawpaw ready for harvest

The desire to grab you in my warm embrace intensifies by the day.

Open the door of your heart my love

Let me take you to my love garden

Make me your Romeo

And our sweet loving romance would know no bounds.

Love nwantịntị.

Your stares and fixtures

Remind me of a fairy hallucination

Our souls were interchanged

Each painted in same colour of affection

Wonders! and Wonders! of the mind.

You thrust in me a spear of intimacy

I'll always stand by you

To lend and to mend

Trimming our individual excesses

To leave each other better than we met.

You are the miracle that walks me

upon the sea of love

Your face has become mural paintings

on the walls of my heart

Thoughts of you punctuate my activities,

like the distant song of the lyrebird

I have become your match, and yet, your candle

Let this light be a lantern to illuminate our faces,

an aisle to walk upon.

You have become a matchbox,

If you strike, only I'll burn into ashes...

Your love falling and pouring

Like the morning dew 

Cooling my scorched soul

Long dried by the 

harmattan sun.

Now, our love is better and yielding

Like a tree planted

by the river side

Which flourishes in all season

My love, like switches you turn me on,

Like stitches, you mend my life,

Like patches, you cover my emotional holes,

Like matches, you light up my face with smiles.

Be my endless charm,

And I'll bury myself within your arms.

Take me not as you took the rest, 

And I'll be your best.

Let me feel your warm

Embrace on a cold winter night, 

Sing me a lullaby song

To lure me to sleep.

Let me be the light,

That shines

Within your heart;

When the stars are few.

My love, you're a moonflower that blooms by moonlight,

You glint like the yellow sun and your perfectly crafted facade radiates irresistible beauty.

Your perfume which scents like the lily of the valley

Saturates my soul with the undying quest to solidly stand by you.

My love, your alluring smile is the lozenge that soothes the pain of my broken soul,

Your voice piles up the holes in my heart with imperishable particles of hope.

Allow me pluck you out of your garden into mine;

For precious flowers like thee need a soul to stand with.

My love,

Your comeliness alikes a condiment,

That prettifies a mouth-watering delicacy.

Your contagious and confident smile

Is enough to melt a hardest heart.

I can't stop having the penchant

To gaze into your captivating eyes, my love.

Hence they're filled with kindness,

And literally the cutest ever seen.

I stare in awe of thy swaying features

Mind dancing to the labyrinth of thy benevolence

And...nay; the aura irresistible

Like one who rides on the sky

Oh! if thou will bid me, to grace thee a moment.

A thousand much more to be encroached I will take.

A promise to keep I make

Only if thou bidest me come hither.

Thou fairest of all.

With your cupid's bow,

You captured my heart

My warrior, my Love Nwantịntị!

Tie me with your strongest rope in your territory

Be ye mine for ever

Cuddle me with your love

Let us fete together

For it's our day, a season of love

Our ‘love is in the air’

Happy Val to you

My Love Nwantịntị.



1. Izunna Okafor

2. Divine Ogonna

3. Paul Olayioye

4. Ahmed Aisha

5. Chisimdi George

6. John Chinaka Onyeche

7. Udo Okoronkwo-chukwu

8. Salim Yakubu Akko

9. Obiageli Ezeilo

10. Olusoji Obebe

11. Akeredolu Eniola Zion

12. Ifeanyi John Nwokeabia

13. Nket Godwin

14. Valentine Muoma

15. Nnaji Samuel Chukwuebuka

16. Kelechukwu Samuel Ojile

17. Okoro Kelechi

18. Emenike Christian Chijioke

19. Osazuwa Cynthia

20. Iheke John kelechi

21. Bard Valiant Nwokeoma (Valiant Pen)

22. Ferdinand Miracle

23. Charity Uzoagba

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By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Awka

It was tears of sorrow yesterday in Obinagu Village, Ugwuoba, Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State when some elders of the community bitterly complained of the plans of the Enugu State Housing Development Corporation to forcefully hijack 88.9 hectares out of their 150 hectares of their ancestral land. 

The elders, led by 96-year-old Boniface Igweze decried the destruction of their property worth several millions of naira, including houses, cash crops, farmlands and ancestral deities by the Housing Corporation in order to forcefully take over their Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land for a housing estate, without their consent.

Addressing newsmen in Awka shortly after their village meeting to place ancestral curses on those bent on trespassing on their ancestral land, the elders in their 90's and 80's, appealed to the Enugu State Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to use his good office to call the Housing Development Corporation to order in the interest of peace and humanity. 

The Elders Council of Obinagu insisted that after 14 days, if Governor Ugwuanyi refuses to intervene as a father and Governor of the state, those trespassing in the land may have to contend with their ancestral spirits and no recourse to them when spirits fight their battle for them. 

Igweze, flanked by other elders including Kenneth Nwangwu, 95 years; Dominic Anochili, 92 years;  Chukwuma Ndibe, 85 years; Pius Madubuchi, 75 years, Chief Daniel Okeke, 79 years; David Ndubuisi, 70 years; and Chief Samuel Nnebeife 67, years; among others, said they have restrained their youths from engaging in violence over the ownership of the land because they believed in lawful pursuits and the Governor's understanding and intervention for peaceful resolution. 

They appealed to Governor Ugwuanyi to call the Managing Director of the Enugu State Housing Development Corporation, Mr Chimerie Agu and all his cohorts to order, as their insensitivity has stretched their patience, hence their resolution to hand over the battle to their gods, aside continued pursuit of the case through all lawful means possible. 

The community elders warned prospective investors and developers to stay clear of their own 88.9 hectares in the Ibrahim Abacha Estate Anioma Obinagu Ogboo Ugwuoba land, to avoid regrets and collateral damages to them, financially, and otherwise including undiagnosed health challenges from their ancestral gods. 

They noted that government at their time was not known to support evil but to stand with the people for a better society, wondering why the excesses of the Housing Development Corporation MD is being condoned by its supervising ministry and the Government of Enugu State, led by Governor Ugwuanyi.

They claimed some of them have died of high blood pressure over the land, as the community has no other land aside that piece, hence Enugu State Housing Development Corporation should hands off their land.

Court Order 

This is coming as an Enugu State High Court, Oji River Judicial Division, presided over by His Lordship, Hon Justice C.V.C. Ezeugwu on 22nd December 2021 granted an order for status quo ante bellum to be maintained with regards to the Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land in dispute.

Justice Ezeugwu, after hearing the submission of O.C. Ugolo Esq for the plaintiff/applicant adjourned to 25th January 2022 for Motion on Notice. 

The order on suit number: HOR/41/2021 was between Fabian Anyaka and Madubuchi Onyeka and four others on behalf of Obinagu village Ugwuoba and Enugu State Housing Development Corporation and Chiemerie Agu, the Managing Director Enugu state Housing Development Corporation. 

On the strength of this State High Court that nothing shall happen on the land till after determination of Motion on Notice. 

Governor Ugwuanyi, MD Housing Development Corporation react

Efforts to contact the developer, Seaman's Global and Ugwuanyi's relative blowing trumpet for Mr. Agu, for possible shedding of light on the matter proved abortive; while calls to the Managing Director, Enugu state Housing Development Corporation, Mr Chimerie Agu were not picked.

Also, several calls to the Governor's SSA on Media, Onyebuchi Louis Amoke were not responded to. Further efforts to reach the Governor on his mobile lines were not successful as the lines were switched off.

Petition to Enugu State Governor

Meanwhile, in a petition dated 30th November, 2021 to the Enugu state Governor, Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, through the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Obinagu village, Ugwuoba through their lawyer, Okechukwu C. Ugolo Esq frowned at the arbitral acquisition of their land - Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land without their knowledge and consent. 

In the petition, Obinagu People reminded the Governor Ugwuanyi that the Anioma land is their's undisputably and it never belonged to Agolo/Okpuno and despite the several attempts to covet the land in court through appeals, Obinagu people remained the true owners of the Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land till date. 

Obinagu people prayer Governor Ugwuanyi and the Attorney General to ask the Enugu State Housing Development Corporation to steer clear their land pending when the proper things are done. 

They noted that Ugwuoba land holdings does not encourage general land ownership but lands are owned individually or by villages.


They further reminded that Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land belonged to them Obinagu People by virtue of the judgement in suit number ORCC/18/98: Rev Canon Dr J.O Iloeje and two others versus Innocent Ezeokafor and 6 others, hence the presence of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation is unlawful, amounting to trespass.

Reports have it that Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land has been a subject of litigation between Obinagu people and Agolo/Okpuno communities both in Ugwuoba, Oji River Council Area of Enugu State, but Obinagu won at the Ugwuoba Customary court on 9th November, 1998. 

And all efforts by Agolo /Okpuno to set aside the judgment failed, hence the Housing Development Corporation wrote the community on November 10th, 2014 ,18 years after wrong acquisition of the land in 1996 by the backdoor from Agolo/Okpuno. 

Enugu state Housing Development Corporation in their letter lamented that they were led to believe the said land belonged to Okpuno/Agolo villages of Ugwuoba, hence the Housing Development Corporation had executed a grant of the said land with the 2 villages and actually taken possession and commenced development with a C. of O. issued to the Housing Development Corporation, by Enugu state government. 

The said letter noted that development stalled because of lack of funds but in recognition of the court judgment restoring the title of the land to Obinagu village, thus they wrote the Community through its Chairman stating that they have recognized Obinagu Ugwuoba as rightful owners of the land. 

They equally noted in the letter signed by Barr. Ngozi Chibuoke as the Secretary, and Hon. Henry Achiekwulu as the Chairman of Committee, that all agreements entered into with Agolo/Okpuno villages regarding the land were hereby denounced and declared null and void.

The Enugu State Housing Development Corporation stated that it was desirous of perfecting her title to the land and continuing development of her proposed Ibrahim Abacha Estate and that wise made some requests. 

The requests included that the Housing Development Corporation should provide infrastructural facilities, including asphalt roads , electricity and water in the proposed estate; perform the traditional 'Igba Mmanya Ani' ceremony in due course and grant 20 percent of the realized plots to the community as compensation of the land as well as both the community and the company shall execute a formal deal of grant on the said land. The Housing Development Corporation even requested for a date to start implementation of the demands, hence it is wondered what went wrong for the new Housing Development Corporation Managing Director to ignore all the protocols, and insist on taking the land by force. 


This Anioma Obinagu Ogboo land, located along Enugu-Onitsha Express Road, according to the Chairman Obinagu Village, Hon, Onyeka Madubuchi, should be left alone, as they are now uninterested in any form of department, since it has caused their elders sleepless nights. 

Hon. Madubchi said this latest illegal invasion or trespass on the land occurred on 20th day of October, 2021, when the land grabbers mobilized different types of earth moving machines and forcefully entered the land, cleared it and started digging foundations in furtherance of their desire to illegally parcellate and allocate the land to unsuspecting members of the general public who are not aware that the land validly belong to the people of Obinagu village, in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.

He reiterated: "The Obinagu people wish to state that there have been unsuccessful attempts in the past by the people of Agolo/Okpuno Communities in Ugwuoba, Oji River to forcefully take over the said parcel of land (Ani Oma land) which prompted them to file an action in court against Agolo/Okpuno Communities in Suit No. ORCC/18/98- Rev. Cannon Dr. J.O. Iloeje & 2 Ors. V. Innocent Ezeokafor & 6 Ors. It is however instructive to note that the Court in the suit, held that the people of Obinagu village (Plaintiffs) are entitled to the customary right of occupancy over the land. The Court further made an order of perpetual injunction restraining the people of Agolo/Okpuno Communities (Defendants), their agents, servants and/or privies from further entry into the said Ani Oma land.

"On appeal to the Court of Appeal, Enugu Judicial Division in appeal No. CA/E/177M/99, the Court of Appeal set aside the decision of the Enugu State High Court delivered by Hon. Justice A.I. Umezuluike and affirmed the judgment of the Customary Court, Oji River, which held that the Obinagu people are the valid owners of the land. 

"Interestingly, while the dispute over the Ani Oma land between Obinagu village and Agolo/Okpuno communities which started as far back as 1992 lingered on, and to the knowledge of the ESHDC, the self-same Corporation working in collaboration with the Agolo/Okpuno Communities contrived a Deed of Customary Grant where they purported to have acquired the Ani Oma land in dispute from Agolo/Okpuno Communities who are themselves trespassers per the judgment of the Enugu State Customary Court and as upheld by the Court of Appeal," he said.

He further added: "Perhaps, even more interestingly, despite knowing that the validity or otherwise of their title over the Ani Oma land rested on the outcome of the then pending suit between Obinagu and Agolo/Okpuno Communities on the question of which of the villages is the valid owner of the land in dispute, the ESHDC refused, failed and/or ignored to apply to be joined in the case as an interested party. Rather, it stood by, and watch the parties lock horns on the issue until it was resolved in favour of Obinagu Community up to the Court of Appeal.

"Needless to say, the Corporation, by electing to stand by instead of applying to join as a party in the then pending suit, is deemed to have accepted to be bound by the outcome of the suit. This is because, being privies to the Agolo/Okpuno villages from whence it purports to have acquired its title over the disputed Ani Oma land, by virtue of the Deed of Customary Grant. The Corporation is by law not only bound by the judgments and orders made by the courts in the suits, but also by the order of perpetual injunction which restrained her landlord or grantors from further entry on the Ani Oma land.

“Unsurprisingly, on realizing the above correct statement of the law and being at the time, under the leadership of a Managing Director who is God-fearing and law abiding, the ESHDC vide a letter dated November 10, 2014 wrote to Obinagu village, acknowledging that the land belongs to Obinagu village, and that her dealings with Agolo/Okpuno villages regarding the land are denounced and declared null and void.

"The Corporation thereafter solicited to re-acquire the land from Obinagu village but could not finalize their friendly approach with Obinagu village before the tenure of the then executives expired," he added.

The community said that they are thus alarmed that instead of toeing the peaceful and lawful footsteps of the immediate past Administration, Mr. Chiemerie Agu has preferred the path of brigandage by threatening the people of Obinagu village with impunity. 

"In furtherance of these threats, our people are witnesses to the mobilization of different types of machines to aid forceful and illegal entry into the land.

“The people of Obinagu village in their usual peaceful and law abiding disposition, have refrained from taking laws into their hands but have rather commenced contempt proceedings against Mr. Chiemerie Agu and 5 other principal members of ESHDC. 

"Yet, despite the pendency of the contempt proceedings, Mr. Chiemerie Agu and his cohorts without the consent and/or approval of the people of Obinagu village and in total and flagrant disobedience to the orders of the court have forcefully entered into the Ani Oma land for the second time to resume construction works, preparatory to allocate to members of the general public.

"Our people are worried that in spite of the huge damages land grabbing has caused in Enugu State with its attendant crisis, divisions and violence, Mr. Chiemerie Agu is hell bent on pitching the good people of Obinagu village against the Enugu State Government for his primordial and primitive interests. 

"Consequent upon the above, members of the general public are therefore warned to desist from dealing with ESHDC or Mr. Chiemerie Agu in any manner whatsoever in relation to the Ani Oma land along Enugu—Onitsha Expressway.

“For the avoidance of doubt, whoever deals with them does so at his/her own peril. Pursuant to the judgments of the courts, the land belongs to Obinagu village and it is not for sale no matter the amount or consideration,” he concluded.

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By Izunna Okafor

It was Haruki Murakami who once said that death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it —an aphorism buttressed strongly by George Eliot's apothegm that "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."

It is on these long-standing witty sayings that the Nigerian literary community received the her first shocking news of 2020, that foremost Nigerian novelist, who was also the Traditional Ruler of Ndikelionwu Kingdom in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra, Eze Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike has gone asleep.

The news which ushered in the dawn of the second Thursday of the year was hitherto faulted and scored a grapevine, to the credit of two points —the source from which it came, and the terminology with which it was broken. 

By way of reaction to the news, it was rightly argued that, in Igbo land, Traditional Rulers do not die. In other words, in Igbo land, it is wrong for one to say that a Traditional Ruler is dead; instead, one could say that the king has joined his ancestors, is sleeping, is resting, or has fallen asleep.

Secondly, no one is authorised to disclose such information (that the king is sleeping) except the affected community's cabinets or Council of Elders, in agreement with the members of the royal family or the ruling dynasty, as the case may be. 

Although, people, especially the closest relatives or community members may be aware that the king has fallen asleep, they won't dare disclose it or tattle over it, pending an authorised disclosure by the right source.

Little wonder why, when interviewed on the hideous development, a stakeholder from the Ndikelionwu Community, Prince Emma Okoli-Ijeoma said, “'As far as I am concerned as a member of the ruling house in this Ndikelionwu Ancient Kingdom, I am saying that Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike Eze Ndikelionwu, the 11th of Ndikelionwu is not yet dead!

In our tradition, nobody opens his mouth to tell outsiders that the Traditional Ruler is dead. You don’t say it because according to the customary law of Anambra state, king doesn’t die!

"If at all there is anything of that nature, one would say the king has joined his ancestors. It is not the duty of anybody to tell outsiders that the king is dead. It is after the royal family has met and agreed before such thing would be announced. Not just a rifraf would come and say what he doesn’t know!

"So I am saying that as far as the royal family is concerned, we have not announced anything to the public, that is, if something really happened."

Also, in most cases, the Elder In Council may not even announce the news, except a replacement or heir is found, especially in a situation where the crown is rotational.

These formed the basis upon which the news of Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike joining his ancestors was held in the air on arrival.

Be it as it may, succeeding sunset and sunrise have unmasked and unearthed the rock.

As Nze Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike rests on in his ancestral home and palace, Ndikelionwu, literary enthusiasts, fans and some other stakeholders in the country have continued to register their feelings and pour their tributes to the legend.

Breaking the news, the Anambra State's Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr.  C-Don Adinuba said, "Goodnight, Prof Chukwuemeka Ike. We all drank from the fountain of The Bottled Leopard as students to assuage our curiousity for mystery. We were stunned by the shenanigans of Expo ’77 and thrilled, to no end, by Sunset at Dawn.

“As you join your ancestors, let’s pray you never stumble from The Chicken Chasers or undone by Conspiracy of Silence. Adieu, a great man of letters, a king who wore humility like a robe.”

On his own part, the Executive Governor of Anambra, H.E Chief Willie Obiano said, "I am saddened by the death of HRM Eze Chukwuemeka Ike. He was always a regal presence around us here, bringing his wealth of experience to bear on the deliberations of the Traditional Rulers Council. We shall sorely miss him. But we shall also find strength and consolation in his exemplary life and the legacies he left for mankind through his literary works and stellar contributions to the traditional institution in Anambra State.”

Former PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar said, “I mourn one of Nigeria’s prolific novelists and traditional ruler of Ndikelionwu in Anambra State, H.R.H. (Prof.) Chukwuemeka Ike.

“He will be remembered for his classics: "Toads for Supper" and "Sunset at Dawn" among others. May he rest in peace."

In similar tones, other literary enthusiasts and concerned Nigerians have also bared their minds thematically on the development, ruefully registering their reactions to the news and their tributes for the legend, as collated below:

Denja Abdullahi, immediate past President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) says:

"Prof. Ike's death was sad all the same but it was not a shock because he was an old man. He was a contemporary of all other first generation of Nigerian writers and his death was like the end of an era. We could say that the last of the titans has gone home.  

Tributarily, Abdullahi said, "Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike was a productive writer of several novels with interesting stories and catchy titles. You could locate his works between the popular and literary fiction genre. He was a very good satirist of the human condition.I feel that he was not celebrated enough like some other people feel. It may be because of his self-effacing nature and unwillingness to indulge in needless literary and critical controversies.

"He has gone beyond just being a writer to contribute to the development of the Nigerian Book Industry through his Nigerian Book Foundation. He was always there anywhere you invite him to if it had to do with writing,writers and the books. 

"Prof Chukwuemeka Ike will live eternally in the minds of all of us through his evergreen stories of the foibles of man."

Mr. Oseloka Henry Obaze, a published author, poet and literary enthusiast says:

"The passing of HRM Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike, Eze Ndikelionwu is numbing.   He was an exceptional, gifted, resolute and most unassuming person.  I was privileged to be considered his friend and welcomed freely into his palace. He was chair of my book presentation in 2018. 

His tribute: "Eze Chukwuemeka Ike lived life fully and made enduring contributions to our educational system, literature, cultureand traditional institution. He motived many writers, even those who never met him personally. 

"He has immortalized his name and his footprints will linger for years to come.  May God grant him eternal rest and his dear wife HRM Bimpe Ike, the fortitude to bear the loss."

Okeke Chika Jerry, an author, publisher and literary arts promoter says:

"I was in deed shocked when I heard the sad news over the radio. I wished he stayed a bit longer so that this generation of ours will have tapped a lot more from his wealth of wisdom. 

"But I believe Professor Ike is not totally dead and he will never die completely because all his works are still breathing all over the world. "Rest in peace Papa ndi authors."

Odili Ujubuońu, award-winning author and literary enthusiast says: 

"This is a huge loss. Chukwuemeka Ike was a great inspiration to a lot of writers who came after him. The choice of subject matters he treated in his novels spoke a lot about the kind of man he was and the whole essence of his writing.

"He was never complex in his style and or his plot and that led us easily into the wonderful worlds he created. These worlds would live forever with us. Through them, we would keep remembering him. May his gentle and kind soul find eternal peace."

Reginald Chiedu Ofodile, author and international award-winning actor says:

"I received news of his demise with sighs. I'm told Professor Ike is asleep, which is a correct phrase to apply to a traditional ruler. His subsiding into sleep did not shock me. He lost his only child three years ago. It must have been a massive blow, and he was also in his late 80s."

Tribute: "Eze Ike was an engaging, fluent and satirical writer. He created fascinating characters and witty, wicked situations. I remember 'Sweetie' in TOADS FOR SUPPER, 'Peace Bozo' in THE CHICKEN CHASERS, 'Mrs Ikin' and 'Dr Okoro' in THE NAKED GODS... and many others.  I recall his books appeared under the FONTANA imprint, not the AFRICAN WRITERS' SERIES."

Prof. Sam Uzochukwu, Igbo Poet and Novelist says:

"Prof Ike's death is indeed a loss to the nation, particularly to the literary class.Though he lived to old age, death, particularly of an icon always evokes shock to the living; so I feel shocked by his death as his other admirers .

"Prof. Ike was among the respected writers, in the same class as Chinua Achebe, for which Umuahia Govt college was renowned. He produced novels that dealt with topical issues of his time. 

"Above all, Prof. Ike was a man imbued with tenacity of purpose. He never wavered on any issue he was convinced about. This quality of his was manifested when I worked with him, a few years ago, on an Igbo project for which we were appointed by the Anambra State Govt.

May the Lord grant him eternal rest, amen."

Untill he slept off, Eze Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike (born on April 23, 1931) was award-winning and pioneer Nigerian writer, known for a mixture of lampoon, humor and satire, a writing style believed to be tied to his Igbo cultural upbringing.

He attended the Government College, Umuahia, where he started writing for the school magazine, The Umuahian, which published his first ever written story —‘A Dreamland,’ a work which set his foot on the literary space.

Some eminent Nigerian writers who attended the school include Chinua Achebe, Christopher Okigbo, and Ken Saro Wiwa, among others.

A graduate of the University College, Ibadan, Prof. Ike made a plethora of impacts and left great legacies in the literary and academic fields, and was conferred the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) Award which is Nigeria's highest and most prestigious national prize for academic and intellectual attainment, making him the second Novelist to receive the award since its inauguration in 1979, the first being Prof. Chinua Achebe.

Prof. Ike's works include Toads for Supper (1965), The Naked God’s (1970), The Potter’s Wheel (1973), Sunset and Dawn (1976), Expo ’77 (1980), The Bottled Leopard (1985), Our Children are Coming (1990); Conspiracy of Silence  (2001), among other publications.

Away from the literary flank, Prof. Ike served as an academic in different roles such as a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, registrar at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), and visiting professor at the University of Jos.

He was also the President of the Nigerian Book Foundation, as well as the first Nigerian to be the registrar of the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).

Ike slept at 88.

As Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike peacefully joined his ancestors, Nigerian literary community, fans, and the world at large heartily bid him farewell and wish him eternal repose in the world of immorality.

Goodnight great man.

About the Author:

Izunna Okafor is an award-winning Nigerian Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Essayist, Editor, Translator, Publicist, Igbo Language Activist and Administrator who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South L.G.A of Anambra State Nigeria. He writes perfectly in English and Igbo languages, and has published several books in both languages.

Izunna has received over 25 awards, and has over 2000 articles published online, both nationally and internationally. 

He can be reached via:

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By Izunna Okafor

History will make itself again on Sunday November 24 2019, as the Christ the King College Old Boys’ Association, Abuja branch sets to join the Catholic faithful across Nigeria in the annual celebration of the feast of Christ the King, with a Pubic Presentation of a CKC new book — "Sons of a Priest" by a CKC old boy and multiple award-winning author, Odili Ujubuoñu.

This was contained in a statement issued by the President of CKC Onitsha Old Boys’ Association Abuja Branch, Chief Emeka Eriobuna, in which he disclosed that the day is also the feast day celebration of the Christ the King College, Onitsha, which is one of the foremost secondary school schools in Nigeria.

He said this year’s event, which would involve old boys of the college with members of their families, will commence with a High Mass at the Holy Cross Catholic Church, Gwarinpa Abuja by 9:00 a.m. 

According to him, the book is a collection of testimonials of past students of the longest serving and first black principal of the college, the late Very Reverend Fr. Nicholas Chukwuemeka Tagbo OON. 

These past students, he said, include: Governor Willie of Obiano of Anambra State, Dr. Peter Odili former Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Peter Obi former Governor of Anambra State, Senator Mike Ajegbo, His Lordship Archbishop Valarian Okeke–Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Onitsha–Hon. Justice P.N.C Umeadi former Chief Judge of Anambra State, among others.

The statement reads in part: "The book project began in 2016 shortly before the death of the old priest, Fr. Tagbo at the age of 87 years.

"Sons of a Priest is a strong emotional statement by over a hundred past students, united in their voices in proudly telling the world how a simple and humble priest sacrificed his life so that tens of thousands of ordinary boys could become leaders, influencers of society and very remarkable successes in different walks of life and around the world. When our branch saw the great work the author, whom we are very proud of, was embarking on we decided to partner with him.

“Rev. Fr. Tagbo was a man of quality and everything that bears his name goes with quality that is why we are making this a very quality event.”

"The Public Presentation would be done by another distinguished old boy Mr. Cecil Osakwe an Abuja based Lawyer and Luxury Property Developer."

Speaking further, Chief Eriobuna, an Estate Surveyor, opines “This event would be attended not just by CKC greats but captains of industry, the diplomatic community, members of the media, political and party leaders and members of the clergy –who form the primary constituency of our late principal, priest, father, mentor and friend. The Book event would take place by 4.00pm at the Sandralia Hotel, Jabi, Abuja, FCT.”

He concludes “In order to make the fame of our college last forever, we must keep ensuring that Christ the King College stands head and shoulders above its contemporaries in academics, sports, discipline and morals. The book event, apart from celebrating our former principal, will enable us pay attention to the immediate and remote needs of our alma mater."

Christ the King College was founded in 1933 by Irish missionaries led by the then Archbishop of Onitsha, Archbishop Charles Heerey. Among the eminent products of the school are the late Rev. Fr. N.C. Tagbo himself,  late Justice Chukwudifu Oputah, Justice Chuba Ikpeazu, Dominic Cardinal Ekandem, Prince Felix Esayande Akenzua, Chief Chike Ofodile, SAN, Dr. Ibe Nwoga, Justice Allagoa, Dr. Ene Henshaw, the great novelist John Munonye and a host of countless others. 

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Chukwuemeka Tagbo OON was born in 1929 in present day Anambra State. He graduated from the college in 1949 and was first appointed the first black principal of the Christ the King College, Onitsha in 1963. Under his tutelage, Dr. Peter Odili served as a senior prefect and several other great men earned their early leadership formation. During the war, Rev. Fr. Tagbo preserved CKC’s rich archives and tradition and was able to return the school to its early glory immediately after the Nigerian Civil war. 

This culminated in the school winning, for Nigeria, the nation’s first ever world football trophy by bringing home from Dublin-Ireland, the World Schools’ Soccer Cup in 1977. Tagbo  died in July of 2016 after a protracted illness. He received a grand burial from Christ the King College Onitsha, Old Boys. It was reported that at his burial, thousands of his former students besieged the commercial city of Onitsha from every corner of the earth to pay their last respects to him. Among N.C. Tagbo’s exceptional past students was the world renowned Computer Scientist, Philip Emeagwali and Dr. John Agwunobi who was once the Secretary of Health, the State of California, U.SA. 

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Written By Izunna Okafor

It is no longer a novelty that every calendar year wakes up and sleeps off with a natural book of many pages. Pages of dreams and visions, pages of imaginations and realities, pages of successes and failures, pages of joy and sorrow, pages of progress and regress, pages of victories and losses, pages of smiles and tears, among many others. 

These pages indeed represent what the year holds for men.

       Among many others, Nigerian Literary Industry has been a silent character that has tasted a paragraph in virtually all the pages of the natural book in the year 2018. That is to say that a lot of pages have opened and closed to the literary industry as the year 2018 blinks away.

       Nigerian Literary industry has been one of the most highly revered industries in the country, owing to her gargantuan contributions towards the development of the country, coupled with the venerable caliber of people therein.

     Analytically speaking, the year 2018 was neither all white nor all black for the industry, as many writers recorded while many others were recorded in different books in the year.

For Nigerian writers, the year 2018 began with good news, following the long listing of a 30-year old Ayobami Adebayo in the 'Wellcome Book Prize' on 9th February, for her debut novel “Stay With Me” published in 2017, making her the only African Writer that made it to the list of the highly competitive annual British Literary Award.

      Shortly after this, sad news crawled in, following the shocking news of Akinwunmi Ishola's demise on Saturday, 17th February, being the first global sad news to surface from the corner of literary industry across the world in 2018. Prof. Ishola was a Yoruba literary scholar, novelist, playwright and culture icon whose works: Oleku, Efunsetan Aniwura, Koseegbe, Saworoide, Agogo Eewo and Campus Queen were widely regarded as among the best literary works produced by writers of his generation.

       This was followed by the death of Mr. Elizabeth Fagunwa, a renowned literary promoter and wife of foremost writer and author, late Chief Daniel O. Fagunwa. Her death was described as a great loss for the Nigerian literary community, owing to the great roles she played in advancing, peaking and championing the cause of literary activities in the country, especially through the Fagunwa Literary Foundation. 

Among these, the most recent and most unsavory of all the ugly news that elicited tears from the eyes of Nigerian writers in 2018 was the announcement of Ikeogu Oke's fall on 24th November. 

       Oke was a great Nigerian bard who, with his classic poem “The Heresiad", won the Africa’s biggest literary prize, the Nigerian Prize for Literature 2017, sponsored by the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) at the tune of $100,000 (N37m).

       On the laudatory flank of the journey, Nigerian creative industry recorded leviathan feats in the year 2018, as many Nigerian writers, both burgeoning and established, proved their worth in the field of pen this year both nationally and internationally, thereby emblazing and embellishing the hope for the advancement of literary arts in Nigeria. 

      If there is any set of people that have kept Nigeria's image alive and shinny for decades in the international community, it is Nigerian Writers. And this year is not an exception.

Several Nigerian writers toed their foot in the literary field this year while many others advanced in their echelons. 

          In her corner, a leading character in the Nigerian literary scene, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie indeed recorded some of her greatest achievements in the literary field this year, following her prodigious victories in various international and globally acclaimed literary contests, awards, coupled with other noble honours she received in the year.

      Adichie opened the award year with the 2018 Barnes & Nobel ‘Writers for Writers’ award which she received in the fall of the quarter of the year. Shortly after that, the literati has, within couple of months clasp several other awards and Honorary Degrees among which are: the 'Shorty Award 2018', Pen Pinter Prize 2018; 2018 Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award; 2019 Everett M. Rogers Award; Thought Leadership Award from the Global Hope Coalition (GHC); 

Honorary Doctor of Literature (DLit) degree, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS); University of London, UK; Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree, Duke University, North Carolina, USA;

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree, Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA;

Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree, Bowdoin College, Maine, USA, among others. 

      Other great and upcoming writers who recorded great feats with their pen in the year include: Anietie Isong whose debut novel "Radio Sunrise" won UK’S biggest literary prize, the 2018 McKItterick Prize; Nigerian-German Efua Traoré who emerged the African regional winner in the world's most global literary prize, the 2018 Commonwealth Short Story Prize; Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto who won the New Hampshire Institute of Art’s 2018 Writing Award, and the Castello di Duino Poesia International Prize 2018; Abimbola Dare who won the 2018 Bath Novel International Award among others. The highly coveted 2018 NLNG Prize for Literature which is the Africa’s biggest Literary Prize (worthing $100,000) went to Soji Cole for his drama 'Embers’. Be it as it may, this year's Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature went to an Ugandan writer Harriet Anena making her the first Ugandan to win the prize, while, with her 'Fanta Blackcurrant', a Kenyan writer Makena Onjerika won the 2018 Caine Prize, in which three Nigerian writers: Nonyelum Ekwempu, Olufunke Ogundimu and Wole Talabi were shortlisted out of 147 entrants from 20 African countries. 

     It is also worthy to recall that two Nigerian authors: Chimamanda Adichie and Nnedi Okorafor were this year 2018, nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, for the first time in 36 years, after Wole Soyinka became the first black person to win the world's most coveted literary prize. 

Though, due to some circumstances challenging the public confidence in the members of the Swedish Academy hosting the award; the winner of prize was no longer announced this year, but postponed to next year. Nevertheless, one of the Caribbean most renowned authors, Maryse Conde was said to have won an alternative prize created to replace this year's Nobel Literature Prize. Hence, according to the organizers, who were being torn apart by kerfuffle evolving from certain claims and accusations, two Nobel Laureates will be announced next year, being for 2018 and 2019 respectively.

      Aside awards and recognitions, many Nigerian writers, especially the young ones published internationally acclaimed books this year. Nigerian literary industry  also welcomed new members this year, among whom were topnotch politicians who decided to 'test' their 'fortunes' in creative writing, and hence now wear the badge of 'author'.

      The most recent of these politicians turned authors include:

H.E. Sullivan Chime who authored

"An Honour to Serve: Enugu State in the Sullivan Years" and

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, who authored 'My Transition Hours'. Professionally as it may have been written, president Jonathan's book surprisingly made it to the list of 15 best books published in the year 2018. Other newly published books and Nigerian  authors who made it to the prestigious international list include: ‘Devil’s Pawn’ by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson; 'When Trouble Sleeps' by Leye Adenle; ‘When Day Breaks’ by Adamu Usman Garko (a secondary school student); ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ by Tomi Adeyemi ‘Embers’ by Soji Cole among others.

       Nnedi Okorafor, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tochi Onyebuchi, Tomi Adeyemi, Lola Shoneyin, Roye Okupe, and Chika Unigwe had earlier in the year been listed by Pulse as among the authors currently setting the pace in the literary field.

      However interesting these may be, it is also more interesting to puff the sore truth that book piracy and plagiarism received great boost in Nigeria in 2018, as reports reveal several cases of the ugly act carried out this year. Even President Jonathan's new book was said to have been pirated by an unknown malignant, in just less than 48 hours after its launching.

     However, a number of individuals, groups and nongovernmental organizations in the country played great roles in waging war against this old-centuries global issue which has pauperized many writers across the world. A most recent of this brawl was the one waged by the Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria in her 2018 annual convention in which the MD/Editor-in-chief of the National Light Newspaper, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, who is also a renowned author and poet lectured on: "Evolving Challenges-Innovative Responses".

It is generally believed that piracy and plagiarism trailed in the year despite the fierce campaigns truculently championed against it.

      On the aspect of activities, 2018 recorded the celebration of numerous literary events and activities by Nigerian writers. The outstanding among these literary activities and events include: the 37th Annual National Convention of the Association of Nigerian Authors; 2018 CORA Book Party; NSPP Awards Ceremony hosted by  Poets In Nigeria (PIN); Lagos Book and Art Festival 2018; Return To Idoto 2018 (in honour of late Poet Christopher Okigbo), hosted by Awka Literary Society; the 2018 Chinua Achebe Literary Festival, hosted by the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (Anambra Chapter); Northern Nigerian Writers’ Summit 2018; the 2018 Ake Arts and Book Festival; Anambra Book and Creativity Festival (ANBUKRAFT) 2018; first Poetry Slam in Anambra, hosted by Poets in Nigeria (PIN), Awka Connect Centre; 2018 Carter Literary Festival, Enugu; 2018 admission of writers into the Ebedi Writers Residency, Iseyi, the only writers residency in Nigeria; among other literary activities.

     Indeed, 2018 has been a historic year for the Nigeria's literary industry, given the bizarre feats and achievements recorded by the members/ Nigerian writers in the year in their quest to advance globally in the field promote Nigerian Literature and Nigeria's image in the international community. In fact, the industry is believed to be among the few sectors that have consistently projected and upheld the image and dignity of the country till today. Ipso facto, it is optimistically believe that the sector and the actors will take even more historic dives and achieve more selcouth feats before the fall of 2019.

About The Author:

Izunna Okafor is an award-wining creative Young Nigerian Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Journalist, Editor, Translator, Publicist , Igbo Language Activist and an Administrator who hails from Ebenator in Nnewi South L.G.A of Anambra State Nigeria. He has published seven novels, won over 25 awards, and has over 800 articles published online.

His awards include:

Nigerian Writers Award/Indigenous Writer of The Year 2015/2016

Pita Nwana Prize For Igbo Literature 2015

Society of Young Nigerian Writers Award Nigeria

Heritage Icon Award/Young Writer of the Year Federal Republic of Nigeria 2016;

Merit Award from The Society of Young Nigerian Writers (2016);

Award of Recognition From Students’ Union Government, Unizik (2017)

Nigerian Writers Award/Young Writer of The Year 2015/2016;

N.Y.S.C. Essay Competition 2012;

SLAM Hero Youth International Award/Innovative Youth of the Year 2016;

AEYC/Youth Writer of The Year 2016

Award of Academic Excellence from The National Association of Public Administration Students (2016);

Inspire Award /Outstanding Youth in Academics 2017.

NAPAS Academic Icon of The Year 2017;

Anambra Campus Award 2017/Campus Writer of The Year 2017

Award of Excellence from The Society of Young Nigerian Writers 2016;

Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award/Outstanding Youth of the Year 2017;

Youth Writer of The Year 2016 NAPAS Essay Competition 2017;

Starlett Entertainment Award/Creative Writer of the Year 2016;

LitraNation Indigenous Book of The Month (December) 2016

Ambassador TFA in Nigeria

Creative Crew Africa/ Young Talent of The Year 2018, among others;

Campus Best Writer 2018/Campus Journalist of The Year 2018

Best Secretary General of NAPAS (2018).

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