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Waiting for her love ;Sophia 1

Author: Hardeynyhun
Genre: Romance
No, papa! I can't marry him!, How could you ever expect me to marry the person I don't even know? That too when I'm still so young, papa?!" The girl stated crying to her father. 

"This is final; you are marrying him," her father said decisively.

"But, papa, why do you want me to marry him? Is it because of his wealth or reputation, huh?!" she said vehemently. "Is this how your parents forced you as well? No, papa! Please, why me?! Can't he find another beautiful, equally rich woman instead of me? I don't have anything; I'm not special and I don't know how to do anything-I'll disturb him and trouble him. I will only frustrate him, papa," she pleaded with her father, trying to reason with her old man. 

"You either marry him or I disown you as my child," her father said angrily and went inside.

Still weeping, she knelt to the floor. But, suddenly, she started laughing evilly, an idea forming in her head. "I will make him regret the day he set is eyes on me. I'm going to destroy him; I'm going to make him divorce me."

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