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Author: Izunna Okafor
Genre: Ebooks, Poetry, Romance

Love is a beautiful thing, and one of the best gifts ever given to mankind. If this is true, love, therefore deserves to be feted in a most special and memorable way, even in everyday of one’s lifetime.

It is in pursuance of this that a group of heterogeneous poets and poetry lovers identified with the need to give the 2023 Valentine Day celebration a poetic taste and fragrance, with a view to making it a memorable one as well.

To actualise this view, each of these bards (ten in number) donated a tranche of poetic condiments, in response to a call for stanzas made to that effect.

It is the compilation of these dulcet lines eulogizing the beauty of love, as was edited by Izunna Okafor, that gave birth to this winsome collection —MY VAL, MY TONIC.

In this 5th edition of this annual collection, these poets, not only manifest their poetic prowess, but also thematically register what love holds for them and their inamoratos in every sense of it. 

They also explored the tools of poetry to portray love as a tunic upon which mankind survives. Do have a lovely read.

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