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Fake University Graduate

Author: Bayo Ayeloja Akinade
Genre: Art, Ebooks, Fiction

This play-Fake University Graduate – Is a drama showing the supremacy of God's power over evil forces. The entire play centres on Mr Parasito a crisscrossed red-eyed gaunt of a man, a devil incarnate and a perfect flatterer. His stock of trade is flattery. He uses this innate abnormal talent to enter into the hearts of people who readily fall for false praise singers

His father – Chief Odunfa is one of the foundation members of Tricolore, Secret Cult. Mr Parasito is an ordinary clerical officer in the school. Admin Office. His inordinate ambition wanting to be important made him jealous of the teaching Staff whose monthly salary at that time seemed to be fantastically high and promptly paid at the end of the month. Despite their low education, being an automatic member of the Tricolore Secret Society made him wear a look of arrogance in any circle he finds himself in. Thus criminally inclined to believe that his 'god father' in the cult would always bail him out of any problem

Mr Mercy is a highly disciplined personality. He is a teacher and Boarding Housemaster at Lusaka High School – a co-educational secondary school. As a tutor and keeper of the Boarding House students of many years experience, he didn't allow that “raw and untampered nature in the veins of all men”, to make him descend so low as to approach student girls for love-making. He even protested vehemently when he learnt that some Youth Corper sent to that school displayed youthful exuberance by way of making fun with the school girls. His human relationship is superb. His philosophy is to do all the good he can to people at available opportunity, as long and much as he can. Mr Mercy lives in the Boarding House Master's apartment, He also has a well-equipped room in the town for his use during holidays 

On Mr Parasito's arrival to take his clerical appointment, it was only Mr Mercy that extended his hand of fellowship to him by way of alleviating his accommodation, as well as financial problem – as Mr Parasito on arrival said, the ten thousand Naira he brought to enable him to settle down, had been snatched by three hefty looking-men, who showed him the direction to that school. 

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