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THE MODEL MAN; Gaining Relevance, Building Legacy

Author: Ignatius Obinna Onuoha
Genre: Ebooks, Non Fiction, Self Help

Becoming a model involves some sort of work. No man wakes up and finds himself in the position where he becomes the envy of his world. No man lives a carefree life and chalks out carefully crafted result…impossible! He must have maintained a consistent track record of reliability. The Model Man is a book not for men only but for everyone because it challenges you to inculcate those disciplines that position you for success thus granting you effortless approval and referral. 

If you are looking for a book with a simple and yet practical approach to relevance, fulfillment and legacy, you have it already. This book will offer you the opportunity to redirect your focus to those disciplines, values and lifestyles that deliberately position you on the pedestals of not only success but for the most part fulfillment. 

If there are things you want to change about your life, then take this ride with me and unconsciously, you do have changed a lot about yourself and reposition yourself positively in the heart of valuable people in your sphere. No change is effortless; it must involve some sort of work. Embarking on a journey becomes deliberate when the destination is of necessity. As we take this ride together in the pages of this book to becoming a true model, I’m convinced that you will pick valuable lessons that will alter positively the direction of your life to attain your true personality.

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Books are treasure chests for in them are ancient and modern wisdom which can help one become better and achieve more in life. One of the hallmarks of a good book is that the book reads you, that is, it exposes your true self and state to you. Today, Ignatius Obinna Onuoha have given us such a book – one that is not only nicely written, but also has the ability to relate to our circumstances, and advise us as true friends would.

The Model Man is written with such a passion, responsiveness and mastery that you are able to feel the writers’ heartbeats in it. There is a release of energy based on optimism in this book, with stories that will motivate the reader into gaining relevance and building legacy.

Do you truly want your life to change for the better? If Yes! Then buying and reading this book: The Model Man by Ignatius Obinna Onuoha is one of the best investments you can make with your money and time in this season for the reward is beautifully amazing. Get your copy, read it, re-read it and you will be glad you did; I am sure of this.

Book Reviewer: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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