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Genre: Ebooks, Fiction, History, Philosophy, Poetry, Psychology, Self Help

This book, ''ONU USOKUN KAA OWEEY'' is borne out of my knowledge, and emancipation from the cloud of mediocrity that hangs over some indigenous people of Usokun as a result of environmental factors and historical anomalies that have kept them where they are as a people.


The purpose of this book is to encourage those who have inferiority complex, as a result of their background and/or the situations and circumstances around them, not to despair or despise their days of little beginnings but to be optimistic about the future. It is also to remind them of the fact that greatness resides in small things that can be likened to a dynamite.


Furthermore, this book serves to remind those with inferiority complex that although one cannot choose one’s place of birth or parents, as these are divinely determined, one can certainly strive to change the negative situations or circumstances that surround one. It is to encourage such people to reflect on the fact that great men like Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Moses, Barak Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Rosa Park came from small communities or villages, and that they should not ask God “why?” but should rather ask God “how do I become a shining light in my small community or village?”.


There is no doubt that, many times, people lose golden opportunities or are despised by virtue of their place of origin or humble beginnings, such people should see such setbacks as the motivation or inspiration to strive to make a difference in their communities and the world at large. They should see themselves as that perfect piece of puzzle that needs to be unravelled for their communities to earn the respect they yearn for, and chase their dreams with an air of confidence and high self-esteem to become the greatness that God has destined them to be.



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