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CHURCH DEVELOPMENTS "Abomination in the Holy Place"

Author: Ayodeji Ezra- Williams
Genre: Christian, Ebooks, History, Religion

 What is the true test of Godliness? How can one fellowship with the true church without being contaminated by the religious impositions of men of today?

The specter of antediluvian sins of the times of Noah is rearing its ugly head again in these times. Men are once more having “intercourse” with demonic or fallen angelic beings in ways that confer power on them to manifest miracles, signs and wonders whose real sources and validity can only be uncovered by prophetic discernment.

 The use of concocted substances and countless other practices of primal and medieval times now thrive in numerous “church” circles. Old, mesmerizing healing methods rooted in ancient magical arts are increasingly being passed off as genuine Spirit-induced miracles. All these are floating back to us upon the tide of “revivals” and “spiritual awakenings.” They no longer come veiled or shrouded in secrecy or mystery; rather, in accordance with the spirit of the age, they blatantly present themselves as veritable tools of evangelism and church growth.


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Posted 3 Years ago · 1 Likes · 0 Comments

The Prince of this world has long been striving and seems  almost close to achieving that victory. it is the natural result of the error by the Church; a lowering of the standard of the Kingdom of God through the introduction of the gospel of convenience,  a walk with God without transformation of life , a Christianity without the Cross. The  church   surrendering this basis of her power and legitimacy has made her to exist in a perfect and harmonious accord with the world . 

The God of the bible has been left of his own House. His city lies in virtual ruins while the city wall are continually  been compromised so that strangers may enter at will. This book written by Ayodeji Ezra_Williams brings to mind the words of Jesus Christ  comparing the days of his coming to  the days of Noah .

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