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Author: Jimmy Arnis
Genre: Crime, Fiction, Others, Thriller, Young Adult
Sometimes, when bad choices are the ones available, what can one do? Patrick chose one, and now he's dead. And the funny thing, in a twisted way, is that everyone knows who did it. Chief. But money and connection entered the equation, and now Patrick and his sister were framed for burglary, his death termed by the police as self defense on Chief's part. But his best friend won't stand for this injustice, and has decided to take the law into his own hands. It's a bad choice, he knows, but like it was said, when they are the only ones available...  
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Jimmy Arni's did a very good job at the way he narrated this story, from a first person's POV. Emotions, thoughts, heart beats, and every painstaking detail about the narrator are all detailed. This could pass for a movie. At the point where Chief was about to be murderd, I could feel my heart beating because I thought he almost failed and that would have been disastrous, knowing what a villain chief was.

The officer who opened the door in the end is just a great way to leave us wondering a million things that could have just happened. Let's wait for a follow up if any is in progress. Great story.

I wouldn't recommended this book to anyone below the age of 18 because of the rate of f-word usage... In the past, we read stories and could use a little help from a dictionary to digest new words. For this book, you need internet connection and need to have watched a lot of contemporary movies to understand some comparisons.

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