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What Hot Water Said To Cold Water & Collection Of Short Stories

Author: Udoka Chukwu
Genre: Fiction

This book “ What hot water said to cold water and a collection of short stories”  written by Udoka Helen Chukwu, is a compilation of short interesting stories that will keep you glued to your book till you read the last page, What Hot water said to cold water is amongst the collection, a satire, this beautiful story centered around “Hot water and Cold water”sought to bring to light the fact that in this world, nothing is totally useless, everybody has its usefulness, everything on earth that is created by God has its value, the trees, the birds, the rain, the sun, the moon, virtually everything on earth has its worth, nobody is an island on its own.

We need each other in this world to truly live a fulfilling life, a lot of times, we are tempted to think that we are better than the next person, in this book, “What Hot water said to Cold water” we find these two elements


arguing, each claiming to be better and more valuable than the other, read this interesting satire to find out how Hot water and Cold water eventually settled their argument. Then we have  “the singing meat” an interesting story that teaches deep moral lessons, never you maltreat or underestimate anybody in life, in this compilation we have “Tortoise and the beautiful princess” find out all about this beautiful story and you will be amazed by the power of sheer wisdom, then comes “Handsome and the Monster”, this is an interesting masterpiece, come along and experience the power of love, you will enjoy this story, then comes “The girl who wouldn’t say “ thank you, “this story teaches deep lesson about “thankfulness and appreciation” we also have “I like myself and I love to travel” all very interesting piece to read.

We will learn a lot from this book...

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