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I was born and raised in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria; in a home where six women passed through the marriage life of my father. And as the first born of eight children, I encountered all six of them. I started to question why some homes had it good and others, the direct opposite. That experience invoked the desire for the mastering of the psychology of life. And when I lost my father, mother, younger brother, and grand father to different health conditions in the space of one year, it directed my quest on why bad things happen to good people. These experiences are what you find in all my books...somehow

Paul O. Persol, a male author is from Edo State, Nigeria

I studied Theatre Arts in the University of Benin, and graduated with 2nd class lower division. I was and still deeply involved in the practical aspects of the Arts. I write and sing Reggae music as well books

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Books by Paul O. Persol


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